Update outdated fax systems with private cloud faxing. QuadraDocV supports batch faxing, emailing, printing and archiving. The software is scalable, so will support your business’s fax volume requirements, as you grow.

“Our environment is 95% virtual so we wanted a document management solution that would seamlessly integrate into our current strategy. By implementing Quadrant’s fax over IP solution, QuadraDocV, we are saving money on long distance and international charges. Choosing QuadraDocV was one of the best decisions we have made all year, the solution is flawless.”

Contrans Group

Ensure fax documents are delivered correctly, and only to users who are authorised to access them. Business-critical fax documents can be sent, received, routed, archived and managed automatically, by integrating directly with your other enterprise applications (such as the SAP and Sage ERP solutions).

Upgrading your faxing system to QuadraDocV reduces the resources spent (and the security risks involved) with running outdated faxing hardware and operating systems. As a virtual fax server, QuadraDocV means that you will no longer require a dedicated, physical fax server, or fax cards, but can deploy fax either physically on-premise using QuadrAppliance or virtually, either on-premise or off-premise, via a Private Cloud Fax (FOIP) for IBM i.

Ensure compliance with regulatory cyber security requirements for fax systems, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and Sarbanes-Oxley, with no extra effort using QuadraDocV.

QuadraDocV incorporates fax card emulation software from Dialogic, a leading communications vendor, and supports all telephony infrastructures, including analogue POTS, VOIP, FOIP or SIP Trunking.


What QuadraDocV can help you to achieve

Easily replace outdated systems

Quadra Doc V allows you to replace outdated hardware and operating systems with a scalable virtual fax server.

Securely deliver fax documents

In complying with regulatory cyber security requirements, business-critical documents can be sent to authorised users only.

Eliminate manual faxing

Integrate with document-generating applications, to automate faxing, mailing, printing and delivery of documents.


Generate documents via virtual fax

Book a demo with our specialists to understand how to automatically send, receive, route, archive and manage faxes with QuadraDocV’s IBM i virtual fax server.

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