Take control of the most business-critical aspect in your manufacturing operation: quality

DELMIAWorks helps you to comply with the most stringent manufacturing quality standards, satisfy quality audits, identify parts trending out of specification and establish end-to-end part visibility and tracking.

“Our ISO 13485 auditor, as well as all of our customers, were really impressed with DELMIAWorks’ capabilities when they came down and audited us. They all include praises for DELMIAWorks in their audit reports”

Providing an extensive suite of industry-specific quality management tools and functionality, DELMIAWorks enables cost-effective and efficient compliance with (amongst others):

  • Automotive (TS)
  • Medical (FDA, 21 CFR Part 11)
  • ISO standards.

Understanding that every manufacturer and industry sector is unique, and that not every user needs the same level of quality management, you have the flexibility to add quality management features as and when you need them.

Helping you comply with even the most stringent quality standards

  • Meet & manage the requirements of TS, FDA, 21 CFR Part 11 & ISO compliance
  • Never struggle with quality audits again
  • Ensure parts don’t trend out of specification
  • Gain end-to-end part visibility & tracking
  • Reduce the cost of quality management
  • Directly access all DELMIAWorks’ ERP functionality
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Making compliance pay so you can win new customers

Surveys have shown that the higher the level of compliance expertise, the higher machine rates per hour and gross order margins a manufacturer can earn.

Up to 15% higher.

Isn’t it time you made quality compliance pay in your business pay?


Delivering a structured & consistent method for defining & establishing the steps necessary to ensure products meet the exact requirements of your customers

Providing complete, auditable tracking of information required for process documentation and definition, DELMIAWorks features links to failure modes and effects analysis’ (FMEAs), control plans, inventory, customer details and much more. It facilitates effective communication between employees, customers and vendors, plus timely completion of required tasks:

  • Program planning and definition
  • Product design and development
  • Process design and development
  • Validation of processes and products
  • Feedback, assessment and corrective action
  • Control plans.

DELMIAWorks’ helps manufacturers comply with QS-9000 and TS 16949 requirements. It comes complete with predefined templates for both Ford and General Motors, but can also be customised with user-defined elements to meet individual manufacturer and customer requirements.

Submit APQP & PPAP Forms Electronically

Send APQP and production part approval process (PPAP) forms such as FMEAs and part submission warrants (PSW) electronically. Using inter-operable standard XML format, this functionality enables manufacturers to submit information to OEMs and suppliers over the web.

  • Eliminate the need to keep mountains of hard copy paperwork of APQP & PPAP forms
  • Electronic template forms are based on Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) format, but with the ability to be customised to meet customer requirements
  • Functionality can be used in other manufacturing sectors to transmit other documents such as FMEA and control plans
  • Automatically import and export files – saving you time.

Manage corrective actions & facilitate communication between dependent departments

Corrective action requests provide manufacturers with the ability to document, manage, schedule, assign and track corrective actions within their operations. Manufacturers can also provide instant communications with departments involved in the process, including customer services

  • Integrated collection of ERP and manufacturing information on any non-conformance issues across your operations. Helps you to ensure compliance with the most stringent quality assurance requirements
  • Accelerated implementation through the use of pre-defined, but customisable templates
  • Templates included for 7D and 8D corrective actions. You can also add user-defined corrective actions
  • Associate corrective actions with return merchandise authorisations (RMA) to improve customer service, product quality and customer satisfaction
  • Can link directly with failure modes and effects analysis (FMEAs) or control plans
  • Provides a complete historical and auditable record of activity linked to each corrective action
  • Suppliers, customers and employees can easily access information as CARs data is web-based
  • Open CARs can be viewed from other ERP and manufacturing modules, including sales and purchase orders

Control costs more tightly. Deliver better product quality

Manufacturers can lose between 15-30% of their margins because their products are simply not produced correctly in the first place.

Keep tighter control of costs by identifying and eliminating poor quality and high production costs in areas of your manufacturing process including rejects, unscheduled machine downtime, returns or reworking.

  • Quickly identify processes, items and products that are least profitable
  • Select specific dates and / or date ranges and analyse cost information
  • Monitor cost of quality across all inventory items and classes or specific items and classes
  • Identify the costs associated with rejected parts coming off each manufacturing machine or through the returns process
  • Determine staff, inventory and material costs associated with reworks
  • Track excess freight costs associated with product returns.

An audit trail for every product: from design through quoting, manufacture, maintenance and finally, sun setting

By combining data held in DELMIAWorks, shop floor, product lifecycle management (PLM) and devide history record (DHR) together, you gain a complete audit trail of your products as well as significantly streamlining the product development process.

Developing a new product cannot be seen as a purely internal process or procedure. In order to stay competitive on a global stage, manufacturers must be able to exploit opportunities inherent in your supply chain to bring products to market quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively alongside guaranteed customer service levels.

  • Deliver lean manufacturing by significantly reducing product development time, resource and costs
  • Reduce the time taken to deliver new products from initial concept to final delivery
  • Deliver automated workflows to streamline process tracking and approvals
  • Use historical data held on similar products to reduce manufacturing costs and eliminate redundant activity
  • Provide the link between design activities, production and your ERP.

By using email and web-based workflow tools, DELMIAWorks promotes open communication with suppliers and customers through all stages of the lifecycle:

  • Links all ERP and manufacturing related data directly including quotes, inventory, project management, preventative maintenance, APQP, FMEA, PPAP, SPC and CRM
  • CAD drawings, 3D product prints and other design drawings and documents are linked directly
  • Access to all product manufacturing information in one place, including the number of rejects, engineering change information, process costs, deviations and order releases
  • You can create PLM / DHR items and sub-items which will not impact on your master inventory until a quote is converted to a bill of material / manufacture
  • Maintain and monitor the history of customer calls, RMAs, profit / loss reports and much more
  • Integrate with your Material Review Board (MRB) activity.

Delivering a paperless manufacturing shop floor

Looking to develop a paperless manufacturing shop floor, or struggling to meet strict industry quality standards that require advanced document control?

DELMIAWorks provides manufacturers with the tools to meet these challenges.

Digital document storage allows for instant and extensive search functionality across terabytes of data, including indexed document searches, fuzzy search logic, image search and comparison searching to analyse changes or update document variance.

  • Easily develop a secure, central document repository so that you can control all document types, including standards and customer drawings
  • Visual, colour-coded document status indicators make it easy for you to determine which documents are pending, released, checked out, expired or missing
  • Link documents to customers, vendors, bill of materials, inventory and much more
  • Workflow based routing and document approval process can send emails to team members notifying them that a document needs attention
  • Automatic reminders of pending approvals
  • Secure approval process, which ensures the integrity of electronic signatures
  • Assign users with different security levels and responsibilities. Users can be internal employees, customers or suppliers
  • Complete revision control providing a complete record of current and past revisions.

Control revisions and BOM changes centrally

gives manufacturers a central location to control changes to bill of materials, item revisions and more. Through the web-based approval system, those users responsible for each stage of the manufacturing process are notified by email when steps require review and / or approval.

  • Module comes complete with user defined templates of steps (elements and checklists) required to complete the engineering change order plan
  • Future and current BOMs cost comparisons calculated so you can make better business-decisions
  • Update BOMs based on engineering change orders at the touch of a button
  • Engineering change orders are linked to BOMs, item numbers, customers and vendors
  • Calculates costing summary prior to any changes
  • You can view open engineering change orders from sales order or purchase order modules

Document, track & manage material discrepancies electronically

DELMIAWorks enables manufacturers to monitor material discrepancies in raw materials, work in process or finished goods.

When non-conformities are identified individuals both inside and outside your organisation can get involved in the quality management process. Any decision making communication barriers are broken down and the whole quality control process becomes more efficient and effective.

  • Material Review Boards (MRB) can be created immediately from inventory if materials are identified as non-conforming
  • Automatically email enabled work groups to enable team members to monitor, authorise and review MRBs and the workflow process electronically
  • Embedded links to DELMIAWorks data provides detailed information about customers, vendors and more
  • Outstanding actions are automatically analysed and email notifications sent to each team member with the corresponding action
  • User-defined list to disposition non-conforming material
  • Create corrective action requests (CARs) and deviations directly from the MRB
  • Links to external documents as well as DELMIAWorks’ document control enables individuals to quickly access, store and capture historic data
  • Associate MRBs with customers or vendors to improve customer service, responsiveness, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Track product & process quality. All in real-time

By tracking and monitoring your product and process quality in real-time, you can can make continuous improvements to your manufacturing operations.

While the internal procedures you will have created focus on improving your manufacturing processes, Statistical Process Control (SPC) helps you to track quality in manufacturing parts and eliminate waste, rework and scrap.

Working in conjunction with other components of DELMIAWorks’ quality management system, the SPC collects parts data as they enter the plant floor, enabling instant input and analysis as subgroups and individual data sets, as well as:

  • Inspection plans: input and maintain dimensions to track process capability, determine lot acceptability or conduct first article inspections. You can also add inspection instructions as well as special notes to help ensure operator consistency
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) import: automatically import CMM data directly into DELMIAWorks from the world’s leading CMM software, PC-DMIS
  • Quick inspections: empower machine operators to easily enter data from the launcher bar, ShopData, AssemblyData, FabData and/or hand-held PDA to complete statistical analysis
  • Easily track, maintain, measure, and perform calibrations on gauges and devices
  • Links are embedded directly to preventative maintenance and data ports, therefore measurements are automatically updated in both the SPC and quick inspection modules
  • Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R) tools enable users to conduct measurement system analysis so they can assess the accuracy of gauges and operators in measuring parameters (average and range method for measurement system analysis, plus X-bar and R-charts)
  • Statistical Process Control charts are generated based on the type of data, which include X-bar and R-charts for subgroups, X-MR charts for individuals, histograms for both types of data, and p and np charts for attributes
  • Values for Cpk, Ppk, Cr, control limits, etc. are tailored to the type of data entered and are provided in an easy-to-read summary every time a chart is generated
  • Real-time control, trend chart and quick inspection features give operators a real-time view of process performance
  • Data collection can be achieved using any measurement gauges / devices with a data port
  • Visual colour coding and audible warnings generated if measurements are out of specification
  • Charts and data can be exported directly to Microsoft Word, while data only can be exported to Excel for further analysis using a variety of third party graphing and analysis tools.

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP / PQ)
  • Corrective Action Requests (CAR / CAPA)
  • Document control
  • Manufacturing and business activity monitoring
  • Inventory inspections
  • Track & analyse scrap and rejects
  • Customer and supplier return merchandise authorisation (RMA)
  • Comprehensive quality audit trails
  • Production Part Approval Process / Product (PPAP)
  • Cost of Quality
  • Engineering change orders (ECO)
  • Supplier performance rating
  • Role-based user security
  • Linking and tracking of documents
  • Inventory non-conformance
  • Non-allocated inventory
  • Device History Record (DHR)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Material Review Board
  • Conformance certification
  • Receiving inspections
  • Track & trace lot and serial numbers
  • Master specification tracking

Using quality as your USP with DELMIAWorks

Manufacturers operating in high compliance industries such as medical devices, aerospace and automotive are using DELMIAWorks not only to meet stringent regulations effectively and efficiently. They’re using quality as their unique selling point to establish differentiation and higher margins. Read the case studies below to find out how you could do the same.


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