Products to enhance, evolve, develop, protect & understand your IBM i applications

Proximity offer a comprehensive range of IBM i (AS400 / iSeries) products and tools from partners including:

  • Fresche Solutions
  • StayLinked
  • Ivanti
  • Remain Software
  • BCD Software
  • Quadrant Software
  • Look Software
  • Raz-Lee.

These products will help you to maximise your investment in the IBM i, providing tools to meet all your development, modernisation and IT management needs:

  • Make the most of modern technologies and programming languages
  • Meet the growing and changing demands in your business demands
  • Free up IT resources and speed up IBM i application development
  • Build on your existing IT investment.

For over 10 years, Proximity has been delivering modern web user interfaces; developing IBM i applications; providing the ability to access applications through a mobile device; ensuring availability and disaster recovery; automated code conversion; or delivering sales order processing systems.

Optimising, customising and improving your IBM i system (AS400 / iSeries) has never been easier with products such as Presto, X-Analysis, WebSmart, SmartTE, Velocity, TD/OMS, Gravity, X-Analysis View and i Order Management for sales order processing.

What’s more, Proximity can also provide day-to-day project management, consultancy, analysis, development and support skills through our IBM i managed services, support and maintenance team.

Harnessing the power of your IBM i

GUI, Web & Mobile Enablement and Development

For any organisation, of any size, access to modern, user-friendly applications is now an essential part of doing business. For enterprise-level organisations though, modernising a legacy system on the IBM i into a user-friendly, browser-based and mobile-enabled application can be a daunting prospect. Fresche Solution’s suite of GUI, web and mobile enablement and development tools are built to help you develop and modernise legacy IBM i applications. They include:

  • Presto, which transforms legacy IBM i 5250 green screens into a native GUI
  • WebSmart, which helps to rapidly develop web & mobile applications in PHP, Node.js & RPG on the IBM i
  • NewLook Developer, for automatic modernisation transformations of 5250 green screens into modern desktop, web and mobile UIs
  • NewLook Server, which gives access to IBM i data by easily creating modern web applications.

Analysis & Productivity

Fresche Solutions and Remain Software’s analysis, productivity and application lifecycle management tools help developers working on the IBM i to gain visibility and understanding quickly of their data, business rules, application code composition and much more. Analysis and productivity tools include:

  • X-Analysis View, which gives developers the data insight they need to speed up and simplify IBM i application modification, testing and maintenance. Upgrade at anytime to X-Analysis Advisor
  • X-Analysis Advisor, which gives RPG and COBOL application developers automated, interactive analysis, impact analysis and documentation
  • TD/OMS delivers a scalable, cost-effective and easy to use IBM i , Windows and Unix / Linux software change management solution
  • Remain Software’s Gravity product provides easy, fast and visible management of projects and development processes on IBM i , Windows and Unix / Linux platforms.

Terminal Emulation & Windows CE migration

Terminal emulation still remains the most implemented application deployed on ruggedised mobile devices as it is incredibly fast and incredibly reliable.  Through StayLinked, Ivanti and Zebra Technologies, IBM i organisations in the warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, logistics and retail industries can take advantage of world-class solutions for transforming green screen applications and moving from the soon to be unsupported Windows CE operating system.

Reporting & documentation distribution

Reporting and documentation distribution tools make up a core part of the Fresche Solutions product suite for anyone developing, maintaining or modernising applications on the IBM i, including:

  • Clover, which accesses DB2, MySQL and MS SQL data to enable users to quickly create web reports in real-time
  • Business i, for creating interactive, shareable reports and charts in real-time using IBM i data
  • QuadraDocV, to send, receive, route, archive and manage faxes automatically, by integrating a virtual enterprise FoIP (fax) server directly with document-generating enterprise applications on the IBM i
  • Formtastic, which removes the requirement for recording and development when extracting data from plain-text spool files and inserting it into custom-designed document overlays
  • Catapult, for automatic distribution of spool files and PC files as electronic PDF and XLS files
  • Nexus, which offers secure, organised access to enterprise information, via a browser, in an IBM i-hosted web portal.

More expertise from Proximity

From your ERP software system, through to Avaya telephone system monitoring and performance analysis and omni-channel retail management in our wider portfolio of products, our team of 40 has the skills and knowledge that you need to enhance your operations, increase your efficiency and improve your performance.

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