Minimise handling costs & optimise warehouse efficiency

What’s the single most important factor for ensuring shop floor efficiency? Improving materials and parts accuracy? Improving your bottom line?

The answer is in fact: inventory control and management.

DELMIAWORKS provides basic product picking and inventory management all the way through to advanced Tier One warehouse management system (WMS) functionality including:

  • Rule-based pick and put away
  • Work order staging
  • Wave planning
  • Palletising
  • Plus much more.

Store, track, manage and fulfil customer orders. Effortlessly

  • Tier 1 warehouse management features
  • Dynamic, real-time scheduling of warehousing tasks
  • Supports multiple picking techniques
  • Shelf-life management.
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Holding lots of stock & inventory can be expensive.

DELMIAWORKS helps you to reduce handling costs, increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations and meet the needs of your customers.

Increase the speed and accuracy of order fulfilment by optimising the movement of finished products, work in progress and raw materials.

At the same time, DELMIAWORKS helps you to eliminate the errors associated with shipping and handling items received into your warehouse.

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Take control of your warehouse

DELMIAWORKS ensures you can control every aspect of your supply chain: from reducing the physical inventory you hold to improving supplier communication and tracking your parts manufactured by third-parties to forecasting raw materials.

Built on lean manufacturing principles, the module:

  • Separates inventory master records for each individual manufacturing location
  • Both conventional Kanban and eKanban are supported
  • Complete lot number tracking and traceability
  • Serialised inventory control.

Store, track, manage and fulfil customer order based on comprehensive, real-time inventory data across your manufacturing shop floor, warehouse and stock held with third-party vendors and suppliers.

  • Products staged and stored according to turnover speed
  • Schedule picking, put away, order staging, dock and container management and many more – all dynamically and in real-time
  • Warehouse management module seamlessly integrates with other ERP modules including EDI, financial management, order management, fulfilment and shipping
  • Supports multiple picking techniques including configurable interleaving, WAVE picking and planning and rules-based directed picking (including FIFO, FEFO, LIFO)
  • Supports multiple package and inventory types, plus configuration put away rules including kitting, purchased, manufactured, cases and pallets
  • Supports milk run planning
  • Shelf life management enables you to track expiration and automatically identify non-conforming inventory
  • Industry standard barcodes supported including 2D
  • Use hand held scanners, computers, tablets and smartphones to carryout transactions and track activity.

Outsourced & vendor inventory management

Gain visibility and traceability of any products manufactured at external or sub-contracted facilities. Comprehensive functionality enables you to setup, plan, manage, ship and track the progress of partial and complete products manufactured at outsourced vendor facilities.

  • Intuitive setup wizard simplifies the process of defining all pertinent outsourcing manufacturing information, including outsourced bills of material, vendors and items
  • Automatically create work and shipping orders for the items to be transferred to suppliers based on demand, while taking into account scrap percentages and the parts in the outsourced bill of materials
  • Track the progress of products at outsourced vendors including orders, inventory in-transit, location details and rejects
  • Assign inventory to ‘in-transit’ locations asigned to each outsourced vendor
  • Receive shipping notices and ASNs via EDI for supplier-to-supplier transactions or drop shipments
  • Automatically ‘consume’ raw materials at multiple supplier locations
  • Tie receipt to original shipping transactions for complete lot and serial traceability
  • Track supplier losses including rejects and scrap
  • Available and capable to promise capability
  • Supplier specific pricing
  • Use the standard EnterpriseIQ functionality to create picking lists, packing slips, purchase orders and purchase order receipts.

DELMIAWORKS also enables you to move products to a customer site – managing the shipment and quantities as just another stock location within the system. You can also handle the invoicing for the product when finally used by your customer.

  • Vendor managed inventory module supports partial consumption of products, enabling multiple invoices to be created so you can handle multiple transactions that occur on your customer’s shop floor
  • Material requirements planning engine can differentiate between vendor managed inventory items and on-site inventory to enable accurate manufacturing quantities
  • Use the same financial management procedures as any other sales order to fulfil order requests from vendor managed inventory. The module automatically adjusts inventory transactions without requiring any further input from sales or fulfilment staff
  • Interfaces with DELMIAWORKS’ customer portal for quick data entry and access
  • Vendor managed inventory activity is fully supported via EDI.

Delivering accurate inventory & lot traceability

Capable of producing simple text-based labels to complex two-dimensional barcodes and industry compliance labelling, DELMIAWORKS enables you to automate and optimise their manufacturing, fulfilment, warehousing, scanning and labelling requirements.

You can create an infinite number of customised labels and barcodes to pull information from DELMIAWORKS to deliver accurate inventory levels, lot traceability, on-time fulfilment plus compliance with global GS1 barcode standards and other sector-specific compliance requirements.

  • Print labels directly from modules such as receiving, inventory, shipping, shop floor, warehouse management, production monitoring and others
  • Print labels automatically on the shop floor as product is being manufactured and packed with line-side printing
  • Flexible and intuitive label creation interface: define label sizes, the information to be included on each label and its layout
  • Provide both forward and reverse lot traceability from raw material to finished product and back
  • Simplify the inventory & warehouse management process and increase accuracy with hand-held barcode scanners
  • Multiple label data options. Include: text, special characters, barcodes, images and graphics including complex 2D formats
  • Print multiple label types, including those for completed inventory, purchased items or a combination of the two
  • Support both serialised and non-serialised inventory control
  • Automatically generate ‘Certificates of Conformance’ during fulfilment.

Tools in DELMIAWORKS' warehousing include:

  • Barcodes & Labeling
  • Outsource Inventory Management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Inventory Control
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Unlimited UOMs
  • Consignment
  • Inter-Company Transactions
  • Location Management
  • Lot Tracking
  • Non-Conformance Review
  • Shelf Life Management
  • Serialised Inventory Control
  • Transaction Auditing
  • Transactions
  • Blend & Formula Management
  • Class-based Inventory

Increase warehouse efficiency with DELMIAWORKS

Take a look at the case studies to learn how DELMIAWORKS has helped these manufacturers to meet advanced product storage and delivery options demanded by customers while at the same time streamlined their inventory and warehouse management activities.

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