Improve Financial Visibility. Drive Growth for your Manufacturing Business

In contrast to other standalone accounting software, DELMIAWORKS’ manufacturing financials and accounting is seamlessly integrated with all part of the ERP.

This gives you a clear and transparent view of financial performance across all parts of the business including manufacturing, shop floor, operational costs, quoting, sales and forecasting so that you can make informed business decisions.

Helping you to drive business growth

  • Clear picture of financial performance across your enterprise
  • Seamless access to data from sales, distribution, and manufacturing
  • Streamlined financial reporting
  • Supports multiple companies, profit centres and currencies
  • Put you in charge of the bottom line.


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Financial information at your finger tips

Without financial information at the centre of your manufacturing business, your operating in a vacuum.

How can make fundamental, day-to-day operational decisions without knowing how much money you have in your business?

Financials are at the very core of DELMIAWORKS, which works across every function in your business to enable you to make informed decisions, increase productivity and drive growth.


Manage cash through your business

Control the money owed by you to other suppliers with DELMIAWORKS’ accounts payable module.

  • Manage supplier invoices & payments
  • Print cheques
  • View detailed invoice and payment history.

Multiple in-built reports help you in determine accurate cash flow analysis for your business.

  • Assign unlimited accounts payable invoice items based on actual receipts from multiple releases. A separate line item is created for each receipt. At the same time, DELMIAWORKS will track which release has been invoiced separately
  • Accounts payable invoices are automatically created based on receipts with DELMIAWORKS’ auto invoice feature
  • Payable invoice line items can be entered directly from a purchase order
  • Configure recurring invoices for payments such as rent, bank fees or utilities to speed up bill payments
  • Processed payable items are automatically posted to the general ledger
  • Flexible payment scheduling enables you to establish payment term discount dates and ‘hold and release’ invoices for payments over any time period
  • Apply a payment to a vendor’s open invoice(s) and distribute payments directly against an unlimited number of general ledger accounts
  • Make payments by electronic fund transfer, quick cheques creation or manually
  • Pre-posting batch review reports menu displays the detail of each invoice and the general ledger account distribution prior to actually posting payable invoices
  • Financial reports enable you to determine exactly where your money is going, including multiple cash analysis, payment history, cash requirements, aged cash requirements, outstanding invoices, vendor invoice and cheques history
  • Reconcile cheques and deposits, plus enables adjusting entries
  • Instantly access supplier information including invoices and detailed payable history, debit memos, credit memos and application of open credits
  • Comprehensive vendor rating system helps to monitor supplier and vendor performance.

Keep track of what other businesses owe you

A vital component in managing a healthy balance sheet the accounts receivable module provides you with a powerful, intuitive debit and credit posting system for managing receivable records.

Create invoices with an unlimited number of line items for finished products, raw materials and miscellaneous items such as tool repair. Once you have generated, DELMIAWORKS enables you to track payment history for each invoice as it proceeds through your accounting process.

  • Generate invoices from previously non-invoiced shipments, orders that have been partially invoiced, vendor-managed shipments, plus miscellaneous items
  • Generate invoices directly from sales orders, including those you’ve not invoiced
  • Create free form / miscellaneous invoice items that are not a part of a shipment, including credit memos
  • Modify standard pricing and create price break options with flexible pricing scenarios
  • Invoices can be emailed automatically to specific customer contacts
  • Manage the commission payable to your sales team by marrying up sales person(s) and percentage commission to the specific customer or an item in the invoice
  • Identify any invoice activity, including invoice register, sales analysis, accounts receivable detail and summary ageing and unposted invoices amongst others.

Expense approvals made easy

Expense reporting, approval and tracking embedded within your ERP system, without having to rely on stand-alone and third party add-on expense reporting software.

Direct links between all elements of DELMIAWORKS ensures data accuracy and integrity, while automatic invoice generation speeds up the process of billing customers for expenses.

Complete visibility across the entire system means you can quickly identify expense trends across departments, customers, business function, general ledger account or CRM activity.

  • DELMIAWORKS automatically creates an unposted Accounts Payable invoice for the reimbursable amount and payment processing once an expense report has been approved
  • Create user-defined templates for recurring expenses
  • Track the progress of every expense report throughout the approval process
  • Link internal and external documents to an expense report
  • Automatically scan receipts and other supporting documents and link them to the expense report using DELMIAWORKS’ quick scan document feature
  • Merchant listings with SIC (standard industry code) and / or MCC (merchant category) codes can be pre-defined. General ledger expense accounts can be assigned at the merchant level as well
  • Link expenses directly to a specific customer for billing purposes or a particular event / opportunity
  • Employees can submit their own expense reports or select a ‘delegate’ to enter expense reports for specific users.

Understand the financial position of your organisation and make better business decisions

By providing a streamlined financial reporting process, you can access comprehensive and highly customisable financial and management reports, which means you can transform information and data into meaningful actions and business improvements.

  • Create user-defined and formatted financial reports which meet the requirements of all decision makers in your business
  • Use the in-built drill-down viewer feature to move from financial summary information to more comprehensive account and transaction details
  • Email financial reports to both internal and remote users
  • Export and import reports and financial data to and from Microsoft Excel (and other commercially available spreadsheets)
  • Delve deeper into financial data by including complex calculations such as conditional “If, Then” statements in your reports
  • Drag and drop units in your reporting tree to see the financial effect of restructuring
  • Create virtual roll-up structures that do not exist in your chart of accounts
  • Create and distribute presentation quality reports using customisable fonts, colours and other formatting options
  • Report on both posted and unposted activity
  • Compare items like revenue and expense figures for different departments by creating side-by-side comparison reports.

Manage fixed assets to improve your ROI

From initial purchase to final disposition, manage every aspect of your fixed assets financial and tax reporting requirements within DELMIAWORKS.

Flexible and powerful depreciation functionality enables manufacturers to perform calculations quickly and easily. Generate detailed business and tax reports at the click of a button. With seamless integration with other DELMIAWORKS modules, you can efficiently and effectively manage and monitor your fixed assets purchase and depreciation history, access related documents, view journal postings, tax information, maintenance records and much more.

  • Lifecycle management tracks your fixed assets from initial purchase all the way through to final sale / disposal
  • Manage asset retirement effectively with detailed asset profile, which provides a complete depreciation history
  • Support a host of standard depreciation methods including straight line, declining balance, variable declining balance, ARCS and MACRS as well as custom customer-driven models
  • Effectively manage fixed asset information reporting and other non-financial reporting with multiple depreciation books
  • Maintaining a physical inventory of fixed assets is made easy through integration with DELMIAWORKS’ warehouse management software wireless scanning process
  • Manage asset maintenance records with seamless access to DELMIAWORKS’ preventative maintenance module
  • Assets can be grouped into general asset accounts (GAA) so you can depreciate all the properties in each account as a single item of property
  • Range of in-built templates and intuitive import capability for existing assets makes the setup process quick and easy
  • Simplify the process of financial and tax reporting by automatically generating business and tax reports and forms.

Maintain a healthy balance sheet

DELMIAWORKS gives you a wide range of financial management tools to help you maintain a healthy balance sheet such as financial reports, simple and direct journal entry, budget management and analysis tools.

A flexible Chart of Accounts Structure and Period Definition lets you define the structure of your chart of accounts including the account, division, departments and any other codes that may be unique to their environment.

  • Create powerful financial reports with unlimited, user-defined account and sub-account types
  • Have any number of open periods and years
  • Ability to set up multi-company and / or multi-plant entries with separate or consolidated financials and fiscal year definitions
  • Journal entry functionality supports double entry-balanced transactions – complete with repeating descriptions
  • Keep your accounts in balance prior to posting with a running total
  • Supports recurring, reversing and free form entries
  • Cash analysis and forecasting
  • All activity related to open and closing periods is recorded in a transaction log for traceability
  • Posting transaction flexibility.

Accurate & timely job process costing information

Receive timely and accurate costing intelligence about your production, pricing, process efficiency and more across both small and large manufacturing runs.

By tracking all the costs associated with an individual manufacturing process or item, such as raw materials, personnel, equipment and outsourced operations, you can identify and analyse the true costs and profits across your business.

Data is collected from other operational areas in real-time to empower you to monitor and interrogate costs and variances as and when they occur. You can drill down into transactional details to see any supporting information from other departments such as sales, purchasing, warehouse, orders and more.

  • Monitor and track standard, average and actual product costs
  • Quickly analyse actual versus standard cost variances
  • Analyse variances in your manufacturing costs by date range; production and sales order; and manufacturing and lot number
  • Drill down into variances by cost element, plus cost and quantity variance
  • Supports the creation and management of purchase price and production variance accounts
  • Drill down into Profit and Loss all the way down to individual item numbers quickly and easily.

Manage Purchase Orders Effortlessly

Once a purchase order has been raised by a supplier or vendor, your warehouse operatives can track progress, scheduled arrival date in the warehouse and determine if there are any back order quantities.

  • Manage and monitor purchase orders from the date of issue to arrival so you can ensure timely delivery and accurate quantities
  • Fully integrated with DELMIAWORKS’ material requirement tools meaning you can generate purchase orders automatically
  • Enable purchase order authorisation per acquisition
  • Track and view all changes made to a purchase order, including user, date and time
  • Vendor return merchandise authorisation (RMA) creates authorisations for any product received from a vendor but has been rejected.

Tools in DELMIAWORKS' financials include:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cash Management
  • Credit Card Processing
  • EDI Exchange
  • Electronic Transactions
  • Expense Reporting & Tracking
  • Financial Reporting & Tracking
  • Fixed Assets
  • General Ledger
  • Human Resources & Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • Job & Process Costing
  • Maintain Bank Accounts
  • Multi-currency
  • Purchasing
  • Standard & Actual Costings

Driving growth with DELMIAWORKS

Manufacturers using DELMIAWORKS have reported impressive results. Take a look at the case studies below to find out how they’ve reduced inventory costs, eliminated downtime, controlled quality, automated their plant floors and gained visibility throughout their supply chain.


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