Award-winning business critical IBM i application development, support, maintenance & consultancy

Since 2009, we have been designing and developing innovative and scalable business critical applications for organisations large and small across the UK and Europe.

Your organisation can take advantage of many years of knowledge, insight and experience helping businesses across multiple industry sectors improve efficiency, drive operational performance and reduce costs.

Our team of 40-plus UK-based IBM i developers provides day-to-day project management, consultancy, analysis, development and support skills which will help you to retain all that is good about the IBM i.

Working in partnership with you, we can either work as part of your existing team, develop entire applications for you, develop a proof of concept or kickstart a particular project.

Regardless of whether it is PHP, Java, RPG, DB2, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, CSS, web services or COBOL we understand what technologies will deliver the very best possible solution for your business, whatever the challenge.

Our IBM i services include, but are not limited to:

  • Advice on the best approaches to take
  • Multi-platform application development, support, consultancy and maintenance using PHP, Node.js, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, JSON, RPG, DB2, COBOL and CSS
  • Web services integration with other platforms, extending your ERP system and many more
  • Developing mobile applications and responsive web applications on the IBM i, or creating web-enabled green screen applications that are also mobile-optimised
  • Modernise existing RPG and COBOL applications to deliver a modern web-based GUI
  • Coaching and training staff so they can take over the development going forward
  • Ongoing remote support for developers.

Proximity is a partner for Fresche Solutions, BCD Software, Quadrant Software, Infor, Zend and Raz-Lee Security amongst others.

We are a vendor member of i-UG, the only independent user group in the UK dedicated solely to the IBM i and POWER platforms. We are a regular presenter at i-UG events.

Bespoke business applications: IBM i & multi-platform application development

Whatever the challenge, Proximity can design and build business critical IBM i or multi-platform business applications using technologies such as PHP, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, JSON, CSS or RPG.

Application maintenance can either be managed by your programmers, or Proximity can handle that as well.

Mobile business applications: mobile App & responsive web applications

With the proliferation of mobile devices, it is increasingly important to provide access to business applications regardless of location or device.

We have experience of developing mobile applications, responsive web applications or creating web-enabled green screen applications that are also mobile-optimised.

Web GUI for green screens: web-based GUI for 5250 green screens

Proximity can help you bring your existing 5250 green screen applications to the web.

We can modernise existing RPG and COBOL applications to deliver a modern web-based GUI while at the same time customise emulated screens to include advanced functionality.

With PHP on the IBM i, we can develop new functions or rewrite existing ones which are blended with the 5250 functions which all run in a single browser session with no tabbing, launching or navigating required.

Open source applications on the IBM i

Since IBM and Zend first introduced PHP to the IBM i in 2006 the open source language has become the most popular choice for web and mobile development on the IBM i platform. The introduction of Node.js in 2014 has added another powerful language to the open source stable on the IBM i.

Not only do Proximity design, build and maintain innovative and scalable business-critical web applications for organisations large and small across Europe and beyond, we also provide a number of tools to help developers working on the IBM i to create powerful open source applications.

Business Intelligence: visualise data & make better business decisions

Having access to relevant business KPI’s can help organisations of any size make better decisions. Whether it is identifying and exploiting opportunities for growth, mitigating risks or managing day-to-day operations business intelligence (BI) tools can be invaluable.

Confronted with screen after screen of data, it can be difficult for businesses to sift through and find the meaningful and actionable. Dashboards, web reports and queries can provide organisations with real-time, web-based visual picture of your business.

Developed so that they can be accessed from a browser on any device (desktop, tablet or mobile), we design BI tools so you can view a quick snapshot and drill down into specific data sets.

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