Looking for a tool to remove the need for manual processing of menial tasks?

Want to derisk data entry by minimising ‘manual data entry’ errors, while at the same time speeding up processes and procedures?

ProActive from Utilities 400 enables IBM i enterprises to implement an intelligent approach to automation without any modification to existing systems.

By adding ProActive, you can streamline previously manual processes and transform them to be fully automated. 

ProActive works on triggers, which are an integral part of the IBM i operating system. By adding automation to the underpinning IBM i technology, your organisation can trigger both events and workflows depending upon field value changes, existence checks and rule ranges. 

And the choice of triggers is almost endless.

A customer balance has now exceeded their credit limit? No problem. With ProActive, you can trigger an automation per customer, per activity and/or per user.

Why ProActive?

As a server-based application, ProActive provides the ideal solution for IBM i enterprises where manual processes are:

  • Repetitive
  • Time-consuming
  • Prone to errors
  • Costly. 

By automating these processes and procedures, ProActive can help you to remove data errors, streamline processes and even reduce costs in your business. 

And, unlike manual input and data entry, ProActive is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Set up triggers – Monitor IBM i fields and Tigger workflows based on changes
  • Create confidential workflows – Workflows can be configured to only occurs if certain criteria are met
  • Automate manual processes – Proactive Works 24/7 and completes tasks in seconds that manually would take hours
  • Experience the benefits – Remove Manual Tasks, De-Risk Data Entry, Reduce Errors, and Reduce Costs

Key features of ProActive:

  • Built on underlying IBM i trigger technology
  • Includes an integrated rules-based engine 
  • Is fully compatible with other Utilities 400 products such as iKeyer and iRoute.

Automate manual data entry processes.

Book a demo with our specialists to understand how you can save time & resources by intelligently automating IBM i workflows with ProActive.

We are a Utilities 400 reseller partner. Utilities 400 is the largest UK based independent software vendor for dedicated IBM i solutions.

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