Produce real-time IBM i web reports, dashboards & queries that help key decision makers to access & interpret data

Create web-based reports, queries and dashboards using DB2, MySQL and MS SQL templates with Clover. This powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tool will help you and your key decision makers to quickly analyse and interpret information, by visually and graphically displaying complex data.

“Accessing Clover web reports is as easy as opening your browser. Clover reports saves both our sales force and customer service representatives in the corporate office precious time and dollars.”

Conserve the resources of your IT department, using Clover’s inbuilt report templates and wizards: end users and developers can easily create the reports they need, with no coding required.

Dynamic and professional web reports, spreadsheets and graphs are produced with Clover and can be accessed remotely via a browser. With the ability to interrogate multiple databases and import predefined Query/400 queries, you can leverage your existing data too.

Integrate with Nexus to provide secure access to reports in menus.


As easy as opening your web browser

Fresche’s Clover application helps you to reduce business reporting backlogs by enabling developers and end users to create their own reports – quickly.

Remote access to reports

Web-based reports, queries and dashboards can be accessed via a browser using DB2, MySQL and ms SQL templates.

Easy-to-interpret reports

Create visual reports, charts and KPIs which can be accessed via desktop or mobile, to make it easy for users to interpret and analyse data.

Faster decision-making

Data is displayed visually in interactive dashboards, allowing decision makers to quickly drill down to the details they need to know.

Powerful IBM i reporting

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