Rapid IBM i we development tool for creating RPG, PHP and Node.js desktop and mobile applications

Rapidly develop IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) and multi-platform RPG, PHP and Node.js web and mobile applications using WebSmart template-based development tool.

Developers now have a way to create initial client and server side code for web and mobile applications – and customise them in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

RPG programmers will find the transition to web development smooth, as WebSmart has been developed with them in mind. Leverage your investment in your IBM i by easily integrating existing RPG code.

“We were able to put together an entire online ordering process using WebSmart. It took about half the time that it took a web development firm with a staff of about five programmers doing a similar project.”

Quadion Corporation

Programmers have flexibility: WebSmart can create IBM i or multi-platform applications (including Linux, UNIX and Windows) over DB2, MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL data.

Always be mobile–ready, using WebSmart to develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows that are equipped with UI features like auto-resizing and touch gestures, right out-of-the-box.

Developers have used WebSmart to, for example, extend the capabilities (and relevance) or their ERP software by adding various desktop and mobile web applications to meet specific business requirements, including:

  • Business-business order entry
  • Ecommerce
  • Invoicing
  • Online inquiries, and much more.

WebSmart is available in four editions depending on your exact requirements:

WebSmart PHP

WebSmart PHP enables RPG, PHP and other programmers to develop IBM i and multi-platform PHP web applications. PHP is a hugely popular open source programming language, which is fully supported by IBM and Zend on the IBM i.

WebSmart Node.js

Taking into account the interest in another new programming language on IBM i, the latest version of WebSmart, developer can now create desktop and mobile applications on the IBM i using open source Node.js. In-built templates generate the initial HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

WebSmart ILE

Created with RPG developers in mind, WebSmart ILE eases the transition to web development making it easy to call existing RPG programs and modules so you can fully leverage your investment in the IBM i.

WebSmart Mobile

Included with ILE and PHP versions, WebSmart Mobile speeds up the development of mobile web apps by using in-built jQuery templates to generate the initial UI (i.e. HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and server side RPG or PHP code automatically.


Rapid PHP, RPG & Node.js web application development for IBM i


Helping you create web applications for IBM i. Only faster.

WebSmart is a multiple award-winning tool for developing RPG, PHP or Node.js apps, web services and mobile apps.

Responsive templates within WebSmart rapidly create both client and server-side code which can then be customised by you in the IDE while web service interactions can be developed in XML or JSON.

Easily produce rich web apps

Any web or mobile app you can think of can be created with WebSmart. Initial client and server side code generated via templates.

Deliver web apps on mobile

Easily create functional web apps for all the popular mobile platforms to bring your application to users’ on-the-go, including standard UI.

Create web services

Request and receive data from other servers and parse XML documents or JSON strings by creating web services.

Develop web & mobile IBM i applications with WebSmart

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