While the IBM i is perhaps the best transactional platform available for the mid-range enterprise, it also has a reputation for being difficult to access data.

Until now.

With RouteOne from Utilities 400, IBM i shops can access their data like never before.

RouteOne opens up your IBM i enterprise to a wealth of data export, transformation and delivery options.

In a nutshell, your data, your choice.

Solve your IBM i data export issues with one secure & supported product

IBM i enterprises have traditionally had a perennial issue with exporting data from their applications.

To solve this, IBM i shops have either written hundreds of individual queries, scores of RPG code or purchased a multitude of programs or products to manage their growing data delivery requirements.

Some of these products may now be unsupported. Programs and resource may have been lost and code uncommented…

How does the modern IBM i enterprise support and maintain these requirements while continually adding new requests, quickly and efficiently?

With RouteOne, you can consolidate all these individual processes and programs into one secure and supported product.

New exports are quickly developed with no coding required to build and maintain.

RouteOne enables you (and other ‘super users’) to select data from a Spool File and/or database and then convert it to a format of your choice before distributing it by your preferred method, including, but not limited to:

  • Build & deliver electronic forms
  • Provide XML, CSV, Access  & SQL outputs
  • Email reports in XLS
  • Send alerts via SMS
  • Deliver PDF files securely
  • Microsoft Word form templates & documents
  • Full HTML email templates.

Create your own ‘export rules’  using RouteOne’s in-built ‘definition engine’, a query-like language that allows you to centralise all your data export requirements.

Why RouteOne?

Put simply, RouteOne gives you unparalleled flexibility.

As a single product, RouteOne gives you many things:

  • It is fast to develop in
  • It doesn’t need coding experience (if you can write a query then you can use RouteOne)
  • It is significantly quicker to transfer files than traditional client / server technologies (up to 10x quicker in fact).

From an enterprise perspective, RouteOne gives organisations the ability to consolidate all those disparate queries, lines of code and individual tools and centralise all its data export requirements into one, single supported solution.

And de-risking a significant part of its IT operation in the process.

RouteOne is available as a server application, but users will very quickly experience the benefits of the tool when requesting data from the IBM i. RouteOne makes it easier for you, your IT department and ‘power users’ to create IBM i data exports quickly.


Key features of RouteOne:

  • 10x file transfers compared with traditional client/server technologies
  • Export DB2 files to external database formats, including Oracle, SQL & Access
  • Deliver data within the DB2 and/or spool file in multiple formats
  • Don’t just data dump. Make your data meaningful with post-processing routines to add custom formatting
  • If a ‘definition’ is written to create a CSV to be delivered by FTP, it’s easy to copy and change to create an XLS and deliver by email.

Looking to ‘receive’ data into your IBM i?

Take a look at Utilities 400 sister product, iRoute, which provides an ideal companion tool for your data integration requirements.


Build & maintain IBM i data exports

Book a demo with our specialists to understand how you can use RouteOne’s IBM i secure no-code data export tool.

Proximity is a Utilities 400 reseller partner. Utilities 400 is the largest UK based independent software vendor for dedicated IBM i solutions.

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