Monitoring for your IBM Power Systems, Windows & Linux. Delivered in the Cloud

Delivering complete visibility of all your business-critical servers and applications, Maxava’s Monitor Mi8 provides up-to-date systems information for your IBM Power Systems, Windows & Linux.

Mi8 graphically displays availability notifications on one screen, regardless of where those workloads are processed.

Cloud, on-premise or co-located, it doesn’t matter, Mi8 provides customisable real-time notifications of any issues so that you can identify the root cause of problems quickly and resolve them before they significantly impact your business.



Providing the right information to the right people, where ever they are

Monitor Mi8 enables you to automate your standard monitoring processes with out-of-the-box monitoring rules and alerts for a range of common tasks.

It is accessed securely through a web browser (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and through native iOS Apps across iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

With Mi8, you control what servers, resources, applications, data, alerts and events you, your IT team and any third-party partners see so you can manage your applications, operating system and computing resources effectively and efficiently.

Monitor Mi8 supports a wide range of event notifications so you won’t miss another alert: email, SMS, text to speech, Apple Push and even Twitter across numerous event  types, including:

  • Maxava HA
  • Remote journaling
  • Subsystem activity
  • Object existence checks
  • Jobs running
  • Job  & output queues
  • QHST
  • Audit journals
  • QAUD
  • Spool files, and more.

Monitor Mi8 enables you to monitor your IBM Power Systems and Windows servers, your ERP applications, your high availability solution, and even your storage and network equipment, securely from the cloud, without installing any additional technology or hardware onto your network.

Monitor Mi8 can be deployed quickly – and at a low cost – with monthly subscription terms. Contact us today for further information so you can start monitoring your system’s availability and performance.


Monitor Your IBM i Applications

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