Security, auditing, compliance and security information & event management (SIEM) tools for the IBM i

Developed specifically for the IBM i (AS400), iSecurity from Raz-Lee Security provides comprehensive security solutions to protect your IT infrastructure, applications and systems.

Recent statistics suggested that 81% of large organisations in the UK and 60% of small businesses reported having had a security breach. On average this equated to 16 breaches at large organisations and six at small businesses, with an average cost of between £600,000 to £1,500,000 and £65,000 to £115,000 respectively for the worst breach.

Globally, The Centre for Strategic and International Studies estimates losses to be in the region of $375 – $575 billion.

Businesses of all sizes want to be able to protect their sensitive customer information, protect their organisation’s reputation, prevent downtime, protect their commercial IP and comply with UK and international laws and regulations.

No wonder that 76% of senior managers and board directors in large organisations and 82% in small businesses view information security as a high or very high priority.

Cyber security and risk should now be an everyday consideration.

Proximity provides security software implementation, configuration and assessments in the UK and Ireland as part of a partnership with Raz-Lee Security, a leading international provider of security, auditing and compliance (SOX, PCI, HIPAA, etc.) solutions.

iSecurity from Raz-Lee Security has been specifically developed for the IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) environment to protect your organisation.

All tools in the iSecurity suite have been developed to provide security solutions for organisations of any size, from SME’s to enterprises with hundreds of systems, in all markets and industries particularly financial institutions such as banks and insurance organisations.

iSecurity solutions are especially important considering the background of ever more stringent IT security regulation, internal threats to business-critical data, cyber-attacks and hackers.

iSecurity software suite has been designed specifically for the IBM i environment. The product suite includes infrastructure security solutions which protect network access; monitor and report on system activities; manage user profiles and authorities; track software changes. Its application security solutions audit database activity, provide real-time alerts when critical business data changes and enable Business Intelligence analysis of application data changes amongst other functions.

iSecurity has full multi-LPAR management capabilities and operates in both green screen and full GUI modes.

iSecurity includes a range of prevention products for delivering comprehensive protection for your IBM i operating system against malicious external attacks or insider threats. The iSecurity Firewall, for instance, provides protection from malicious attacks at all 53 IBM i security-related exit points and supports automatic dispatch of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) alerts.

In order to meet regulatory and auditing requirements, iSecurity has a range of compliance and audit products provide powerful reporting tools that cover all types of security-related information on your IBM i in multiple formats (email, HTML, PDF, CSV, SMS or even via Twitter). The compliance pack helps organisations meet the UK and international regulatory and audit requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, Turnbull Guidance and HIPAA as well as ISO / IEC 22001 and 27002; ITIL; COBIT; SSAE; ISAE and the Data Protection Act.

Business-critical web applications are increasingly the target of malicious external attacks. iSecurity captures activities performed by your users on application databases, while real-time alerts can also be set up for when predefined thresholds are met for changes to applications.

iSecurity has full multi-LPAR management capabilities and operates in both green screen and web-based graphical user interface (GUI) modes.


A comprehensive suite of products for IBM i security

Available as independent products or combined to build a customised and comprehensive IBM i security solution. Depending on your exact cyber security requirements, iSecurity products can be used for prevention, application security, auditing and compliance.

Prevent external and internal threats to your IBM i: having the infrastructure and tools in place to prevent malicious external attacks and internal threats is essential for safeguarding your IBM i systems. ISecurity’s prevention products provide exactly that.

Protect business critical applications on your IBM i: it is vitally important to protect your applications developed on the IBM i from unauthorised access internally and externally while also monitoring user activities.

Compliance and auditing solutions for the IBM i: whether you are looking to comply with PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley or Data Protection Act, iSecurity provides tools for meeting an organisation’s regulatory requirements.



An essential part of your intrusion detection system (IDS), iSecurity Action includes real-time alarms and protective response mechanisms for IBM i servers. Action facilitates the identification of security events with automatic real-time warning notifications to relevant personnel. These warnings can be sent in multiple formats including email, MSGQ, SMS, Syslog, SNMP and even Twitter. User sessions can be terminated or blocked; applications activated or reactivated and file names changed via a CL script generator.



Anti-virus provides comprehensive IBM i specific virus and Trojan horse protection; automatic signature updates; permanent authorisation code; and no maintenance fee. Anti-virus is a dedicated product for IBM i systems which has been designed to give you full protection to your servers, file contents and any resident IBM i dedicated software ensuring PCI-DSS, SOX and HIPAA compliance. Anti-virus uses the latest version of the ClamAV open source anti-virus engine.



Protect your business against ransomware attacks and other malware, which may have access to, and be able to change, data on the IFS.


AP-Journal Business Analysis

Protects your business-critical information from insider threats and external security breaches, notifies managers of any changes to information assets and streamlines IBM i journaling procedures. Configurable alerts and reports can be sent to pre-defined users in a number of different formats. AP-Journal Business Analysis is easy to use with minimal set and disk space.



If you are looking for a program to provide in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of you IBM i server security, Assessment is a Windows-based solution highlights any vulnerabilities, grades them and then outputs a detailed report.



For QAUDJRN auditing, monitoring and reporting for IBM i, Audit gives a real-time, integrated view of all audit journal files and security-related events. Audit also enables you to log QSHELL for QSH and PASE. Audit trails can be displayed are displayed in simple, graphical formats with accompanying explanations for each entry to aid quick interpretation of statistical information. Crucially Audit also comes complete with a report generator and scheduler with over 200 in-built templates for reporting both common and abnormal server activity.


Authority on Demand

Having flexible control over user authorities and access to business-critical application data and processes can be a potential problem for IBM i system audits. Authority on Demand provides real-time auditing capabilities of access rights and can change, or even add authority rights to existing user access levels. It then logs all activities performed by the user whilst operating at that higher authority level.



Capture gives you the ability to silently record and playback 5250 green screen user sessions on the IBM i. Screens are captured and stored in real-time and you have the option to notify users that their session is being recorded when the login. Recording screens in this way can be extremely useful in helping technical support / HelpDesk when playing back screens. Capture is fully integrated with Audit, so log text can be displayed alongside captured screens. The tool has been recently extended to provide the ability to extract business items such as customer, item and account.


Central Administration

Central Administration provides you with the ability to manage multiple systems from one single control point. If you are operating multiple systems or LPARs, you can define the tool once and it copies across. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically from both GUI and green screens across the IBM i network. Data is merged and shown as a single view.


Change Tracker

As the name implies, Change Tracker tracks the changes made in production libraries and the IFS at both object and source levels without requiring input from the operator.



iSecurity Command enables you to control the validity of your IBM i system, plus user CL commands and parameters.


Compliance Evaluator

With Compliance Evaluator, customisable reports can be created easily so that IBM i system compliance can be checked quickly against both industry and corporate policies. Overview reports can be generated to cover up to 99 LPARs in your IBM i containing a single page overall compliance score as well as detailed ratings on all security-related elements, including network attributes, user profiles and system values.



FileScope is an iSecurity developer productivity tool for data manipulation with file editing and reporting capabilities. FileScope enables developers to view, scan, print, perform global and local record updates, convert data and create test data. A Query wizard helps developers to create queries quickly and easily without any programming requirement.



Firewall is a comprehensive, all-inclusive intrusion prevention system for both internal and external access to your IBM I covering all exit points. User and object level security is provided. A visualiser element enables graphical presentation and analysis of the Firewall log data.


ICAP Client

Raz-Lee has enhanced it’s already comprehensive Anti-Virus software for IBM i with support for the ICAP Client, which enables virus scanning to be performed outside your IBM i to external servers.


Native & Integrated File System (IFS) Object Security

Native and IFS object security in iSecurity gives administrators the ability to plan and define security levels per object based on name and type. They will also check for inconsistencies between actual and planned object security settings, making adjustments to ‘planned’ as required.


Password & Password Reset

iSecurity’s Password provides standard IBM i password management as well as tools to block the use of weak and site-specific passwords. The reset function provides self and assisted forgotten password support both natively and web-based.


Safe Update

Protect your IBM i business-critical data against updates from unauthorised programs, which are often associated with a library not used to store production programs, file editors, DFU and Start SQL (STRSQL).



Provides your IBM i users with additional protection for unattended workstations. Two levels of protection are provided that are both highly configurable: pause and request password, or a full disconnect.


System Control

System Control identifies and responds if any change events happen to your IBM i system, such as those involving CPU and disk space, or any out of the ordinary or critical systems behaviour occur.


User & system value replication

As more and more organisations consolidate their IBM i servers they are able to run production, test and development environments. As a result there is a need to sync user profile definitions, user passwords and system values across these systems. iSecurity enables replication rules to be configured for user profiles, passwords and parameters to be replicated. System values can be replicated individually, by type or across *ALL and then set against a particular value, a snapshot of all system values, or the best values defined in the Compliance Evaluator.



iSecurity’s View tool enables the masking of sensitive information at both field and record level.

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