A complete view of your IBM i applications: automatic graphical documentation & impact analysis

Modernise efficiently using X-Analysis from Fresche to unlock business critical information from your IBM i. Modules covering application documentation; process mapping; change management; database and application modernisation; and code analysis.


X-Analysis allows you IT department to quickly gain an understanding of your IBM i’s business rules, speeding the process of modernisation.

Fast Conversion

Automatically convert legacy assets from RPG, COBOL, SYNON and DB into modern languages and databases.

Visualise Application Design

By automating graphical information, code implementation is extracted, and it is easy to visualise and understand application and flow.

Everything you need to manage IBM i application life cycles

You can use X-Analysis to quickly and efficiently understand your IBM i application’s business rules, code composition and dependencies, in order to reach strategic modernisation goals on-time and on budget.

X-Analysis automates graphical documentation to abstract code implementation, making it easy for your IT department to understand and visualise application design and flow. They can track “where used” information, starting from a single field or variable through all iterations and associated variables and fields, with X-Analysis’ powerful impact analysis tool.

The process of database modernisation and re-engineering efforts are made easier with the extraction of relational data models from RPG, COBOL or SYNON, and by extracting business roles from RPG or COBOL too, business rules are cross-referenced, consolidated and stored to expose the business logic at the core of the application.

Track and measure program complexities against established benchmarks, including Halstead, Cyclomatic and Maintainability Index, using design, quality and complexity metrics. X-Analysis automatically transforms legacy assets into modern languages which can be databased quickly and securely, with RPG, COBOL, SYNON and DB conversion.

“It’s very easy to run. It has built-in integration that makes it easy to port everything into Word, Excel and Visio, so the output is very professional. And it’s very intuitive—you don’t need a PhD to use the software. One of the biggest benefits of X-Analysis is its robustness. It gives you various drill-down capabilities and it shows all touch-points at a click of an icon. It’s very powerful.”

Vince Peschio, Director of Development, Tennessee-based Innovative Computing

Available as a complete solution or as individual modules depending on your needs and requirements:

  • X-Analysis Professional: automated RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) application documentation, data model extraction and impact analysis.
  • Application Process Mapping: extract and document business rules in your IBM i application processes and flows.
  • Audit, Quality and Change Management: audit design, quality and complexity of your core application functionality to identify problems and enable effective changes.
  • Data and Test Management: analyse and test data automation, management, quality, archiving, subsetting and masking..
  • CA 2E Analysis: analysis and documentation of CA 2E (Synon) applicatons in one module.
  • Open Systems Analysis: document and cross-reference Java, C#, PHP, VB/VB.NET and PowerBuilder code in your applications.
  • Database Modernisation: convert DDS to DDL automatically including the creation of constraints, long field names and views.
  • Application Modernisation: convert RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) automatically to Java.

Find out more about automated application documentation & impact analysis

View and download the datasheet about X-Analysis, which provides an in-depth description on the core functionality included in the X-Analysis product.

X-Analysis lets you:

  • Get a consolidated view of all your CA 2E, RPG and COBOL applications
  • Improve the visibility and productivity of your applications
  • Improve workflows and access to information
  • Leverage and future-proof your existing applications
  • Increase end-user productivity
  • Take advantage of mobile devices and much more.

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