X-Analysis: code analysis for IBM i

X-Analysis delivers a complete suite of tools with one common goal: to enable you, and your development team, to make changes to IBM i application code with the absolute confidence.

Part of an integrated (and growing) suite, these individual products provide you with the ability to unlock business critical information from your IBM i – and modernise efficiently.

With X-Analysis you can document, test and analyse your entire IBM i system including code rules, data models, application and data flows, call structures and much more.

Modules within the X-Analysis suite cover:

  • Application understanding & analysis
  • Code modernisation
  • Database modernisation
  • Application modernisation
  • Data and test management
  • Automated UI testing
  • Field Resizing.

Developing IBM i Applications with Confidence Using X-Analysis

Key features

  • Suite of IBM i code analysis, testing and productivity tools
  • Automated graphical documentation so you can see IBM i application design & flow
  • Impact analysis to track ‘where used’ information
  • Extract relational data models from RPG/COBOL/SYNON
  • Extract RPG/COBOL business rules
  • Automated RPG/COBOL/SYNON/DB conversion.
X-Analysis Suite

Everything you need to manage IBM i application lifecycles

X-Analysis’ suite of products have helped thousands of companies get new developers to understand IBM i applications faster. They also remove the risks involved in making any code changes by providing accurate automated impact analysis.

They exist to help you understand your IBM i applications better and speed up the work of your developers.

X-Analysis Advisor

A complete view of your IBM i applications with automatic graphical documentation & impact analysis

Modernise efficiently using X-Analysis Advisor from Fresche to unlock business critical information from your IBM i. Modules covering application documentation; process mapping; change management; database and application modernisation; and code analysis. X-Analysis Advisor is fully integrated with RDi.

  • Modernisation: X-Analysis Advisor allows you IT department to quickly gain an understanding of your IBM i’s business rules, speeding the process of modernisation.
  • Fast Conversion: Automatically convert legacy assets from RPG, COBOL, SYNON and DB into modern languages and databases.
  • Visualise Application Design: By automating graphical information, code implementation is extracted, and it is easy to visualise and understand application and flow.

Everything you need to manage IBM i application life cycles

You can use X-Analysis Advisor to quickly and efficiently understand your IBM i application’s business rules, code composition and dependencies, in order to reach strategic modernisation goals on-time and on budget.

X-Analysis Advisor automates graphical documentation to abstract code implementation, making it easy for your IT department to understand and visualise application design and flow. They can track “where used” information, starting from a single field or variable through all iterations and associated variables and fields, with X-Analysis Advisor’s powerful impact analysis tool.

The process of database modernisation and re-engineering efforts are made easier with the extraction of relational data models from RPG, COBOL or SYNON, and by extracting business roles from RPG or COBOL too, business rules are cross-referenced, consolidated and stored to expose the business logic at the core of the application.

Track and measure program complexities against established benchmarks, including Halstead, Cyclomatic and Maintainability Index, using design, quality and complexity metrics. X-Analysis Advisor automatically transforms legacy assets into modern languages which can be databased quickly and securely, with RPG, COBOL, SYNON and DB conversion.

X-Analysis IBM i (AS400) application documentation

Available as a complete solution or as individual modules depending on your needs and requirements:

  • Analyse, manage & enhance IBM i applications: automated RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) application documentation, data model extraction and impact analysis.
  • Application Process Mapping: extract and document business rules in your IBM i application processes and flows.
  • Audit, Quality and Change Management: audit design, quality and complexity of your core application functionality to identify problems and enable effective changes.
  • Data and Test Management: analyse and test data automation, management, quality, archiving, subsetting and masking..
  • CA 2E Analysis: analysis and documentation of CA 2E (Synon) applicatons in one module.
  • Open Systems Analysis: document and cross-reference Java, C#, PHP, VB/VB.NET and PowerBuilder code in your applications.
  • Database Modernisation: convert DDS to DDL automatically including the creation of constraints, long field names and views.
  • Application Modernisation: convert RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) automatically to Java.

Integrate X-Analysis Advisor with Remain Software’s TD/OMS

You can take advantage of Remain Software’s market-leading change management software application, TD/OMS to deliver a unified software change management (SCM) tool for the IBM i through extensions to IBM’s RDi LPEX editor.



X-Analysis View

Automatically generate interactive graphical documentation, charts & graphs of your IBM i applications

Move RPG and Cobol projects forward quicker: get more time to do more development. Delivering exceptional ROI, X-Analysis View (formerly Fresche View), powered by X-Analysis Advisor is a powerful tool that enables you to get in-depth understanding your IBM i (AS400) applications so you can move development projects forward faster and onboard new developers more quickly.

X-Analysis View automatically generates interactive graphical documentation, charts and graphs.

What X-Analysis View can help you to achieve

  • Make code changes with confidence: Achieve better development, faster testing and greatly reduced risk through a deep understanding of the impact across all your IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) applications, including any downstream consequences of the code changes you want to make.
  • Move projects forward quicker: Estimate IT project resource requirements more accurately. X-Analysis View highlights cascading effects of change plus where to focus testing efforts by showing the objects impacted by a change.
  • Get new developers up to speed faster: New developers can understand RPG and COBOL applications faster so they can contribute quicker and work autonomously. Developers can quickly explore and navigate applications graphically at a high level with the ability to drill up or down.

IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) applications are often large and complex, so when you are making changes to your applications, just how confident are you that nothing will go wrong with the code changes you make?

And, if you have new developers starting in your organisation, just how long does it take for them to get up to speed so you are comfortable with them making code or database changes?

X-Analysis View is a new way to get in-depth understanding your IBM i applications so you can move development projects forward faster and onboard new developers more quickly. With X-Analysis View your developers get a complete 360-degree view of your IBM i environment with automated, graphical documentation and impact analysis. As a result, your developers can spend less time maintaining your existing applications and more time actually developing.

X-Analysis View is fully integrated with RDi and helps you and your developers to fully understand your application code, data models and the possible impact of any changes to your system before any development work is done. Your developers will have insight into the applications and data which significantly reduces the time and effort required to modify, maintain and test applications on the IBM i.

Key features in X-Analysis View

Powered by X-Analysis Advisor, X-Analysis View provides on-demand IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) application documentation in a graphical format. X-Analysis View includes the visual documentation component, the impact analysis component and data model of X-Analysis Advisor and customers can upgrade to the full version of X-Analysis Advisor at anytime, which brings additional features such as code generation and database migration capabilities.

  • Interactive graphical documentation: X-Analysis View generates automated graphical documentation and data flow diagrams, which make it easy for developers to visualise IBM i applications. Program control through call stack is shown, RPG is displayed in easy-to-read pseudo code and object use, access, parameters, etc. are provided.
  • Drill-downs for discovery: X-Analysis View’s powerful drill-down and drill-up capabilities ensure that developers get precisely the level of detail they need. Detail right down to the source code is provided while variables can be traced through multiple layers. Applications can be browsed from anywhere.
  • Where used functions: Powerful impact analysis tracks ‘where used’ information throughout the application and database. X-Analysis View tracks variables through all iterations and associations, while every object affected by a change is highlighted. Document system functionality is included for application auditing and planning.
  • Relational data models: Relational data modelling of your IBM i application databases provides a deeper understanding of your business. X-Analysis View automatically extracts from DDS, DB objects and source, which provides a working model to support IT and the wider business. All related database files are also shown.



Automate (and simplify) your 5250 UI testing

Providing flexible, but highly automated, 5250 green screen user interface (UI) testing, X-Replay helps you to develop higher quality – and intuitive – IBM i applications.

With a simple three-step process, X-Replay records your interactive tests, replays them for you automatically and then displays a dashboard to let you know if the results are as expected.

X-Replay also automatically creates test scripts that you can re-run and modify as required (using WHILE loops and other logic).

By eliminating manual testing, X-Replay ensures you and your development team have a thorough and repeatable process for testing. This let’s you make changes to the user interface (and experience) quickly and confidently.

You can test an entire interface, one or more screens or just certain elements in a screen to ensure the best possible experience for your users.

If you’re looking for database regression testing and managing your test data more effectively, X-Replay integrates easily with another product within the X-Analysis suite, X-Dataset or Code Coverage.

How X-Replay works

  • Record: Select the 5250 screen elements you want to validate – and start recording your test.
  • Replay: You can re-run (and modify) tests from scripts that X-Replay automatically creates.
  • Report: Analyse results through the X-Replay dashboard and find exactly where you may have issues with your code.

X-Analysis: X-Replay for IBM i (AS400) 5250 UI Testing


Test even the largest, most complex IBM i applications. And ensure your sensitive data is protected along the way.

Fresche has established the industry standard for testing IBM i applications with effective automated data and test management tool to help you test undocumented IBM i applications faster. 

X-Dataset includes data subsetting, masking, aging, integrity checking and regression testing. From a main database, X-Dataset creates subsets for testing that maintain complete referential integrity for faster testing speed and accuracy. 

In the majority of IBM i shops, their applications have either been home grown or modified heavily over the years. Although this does represent many years of diligent development, it can lead to significant risk when we consider that testing is key to successful development and implementation.

To ensure coding errors or bugs don’t exist before applications are ‘pushed’ into production it is imperative that you have the right databases to test and those databases are appropriately-sized.

  • Protect your data: X-Dataset enables you to fully anonymise your data to assist compliance with regulations such as GDPR, SOX and HIPAA. Data formats such as dates, names, order numbers, address details etc. are maintained by anonymised for complete protection of personal data (supports regulatory principles such as right to be informed / right to access / right to erasure / tight to restrict processing / right to data portability / right to object and profiling)
  • Manage your test data: build, refresh and test data automatically whilst running validation for table relationships. You can also archive, purge and subset your data to prepare for testing
  • Testing: verify test completeness and identify elements that have not been tested with code coverage reports. You can also analyse before and after reports in regression testing.

If you combine X-Dataset with X-Replay, you can also test screens, data and business logic for complete end-to-end IBM i application testing – whilst ensuring your sensitive data is protected. 


Make IBM i field resizing projects effortless. Automated field resizing with X-Resize.

Outgrown the current size of fields in your databases? Business growth meaning those fields have to be expanded?

Unfortunately, expanding fields in your IBM i applications can cause problems throughout the application: from programs to logical files; to displays, menus and related data files can all be affected.

Reduce your IBM i application development risk, effort and costs by automating field resizing in your IBM i databases and associated RPG programs.

X-Resize gives you the tools to identify and resolve issues across all the stages of a field resizing project, including the ability to:

  • Accurately define the scope for a field resize project
  • Generate detailed impact analysis for all instances of the resized object, including fields, variables, programs, displays and reports (including aliases)
  • Resolve all exceptions that could affect the success of the project
  • Identify all the required manual program changes, for instance where overlapping fields exist or there are screen size restrictions
  • Understand the effort required to complete a resizing project
  • Automatically resize fields in the project in all affected files and programs.

X-Analysis: X-Resize for IBM i (AS400) Field Resize Projects

X-A Open

Gain insight into your Java & PHP code running on IBM i

You may already have X-Analysis running across your IBM i analysing and documenting your RPG and CA 2E (Synon) code, but what about the many other languages that can be used across your IBM i?

And, what about the code that’s running on other platforms that just happens to interact with your IBM i applications?

Or even code that doesn’t interact with the IBM i?

X-A Open automatically analyses languages such as Java and PHP to help you understand the code on your IBM i and on other platforms.

Working in a similar way to X-Analysis, X-A Open creates a cross-reference repository for selected coding languages, including Java and PHP.

All you need is access to the sources, regardless of where the applications are deployed.

Documentation is easily exported in Word, Excel or Visio so you can share it easily with others in your business. The graphical interface makes the understanding of complex relationships across applications easy to understand, which ultimately speeds up development time and makes maintenance and support of large, complex applications much easier.

X-2E Analysis

Unlock your CA 2E design model with complete graphical analysis & documentation

You’ve no doubt spent many years developing (and maintaining) your CA 2E (Synon) applications on your IBM i.

But, is the CA 2E out of reach of everyone within your organisation apart from your CA 2E developers?

With X-2E Analysis you can automatically generate graphical documentation of your CA 2E architecture model, as well as extract business rules and application metrics so you can fully understand your CA 2E applications, including:

  • Interactive documentation as ERD of relational data model from CA 2E Model and hand-coded DDS
  • Impact analysis between action diagrams & hand-coded RPG / Java / COBOL / PHP / C#
  • Where used of internal routines
  • Application metrics calculated at both program & subroutine / procedure levels
  • Screen display documentation (layout / fields / actions etc.)
  • Problem analysis for design issues; screen & program complexity, etc.
  • Business rule analysis & documentation
  • Plug-in to Eclipse or WDSc/RDi/RDp.

X-Analysis: X-2E Analysis CA 2E documentation

X-DB Modernize

Convert DDS to DDL automatically. Creation of constraints, long field names & views included

There are many reasons for modernising and re-engineering your IBM i databases – and each is well documented: from accessing the very latest IBM database features to making data more accessible; and from helping to access new international markets to benefiting from advanced query reporting.

Part of the X-Analysis Code & Database Modernization modules, X-DB Modernize converts your DDS database, copies production data into your new database and doesn’t require recompiling programs.

Prior to starting the conversion process, X-DB Modernize provides a report highlighting any potential issues in advance, including, but not limited to:

  • PF files with non-unique keys
  • Files with zero members
  • No matching parent keys in derived constraints.

By re-engineering your IBM i databases to DDL, you’re effectively opening up DB2 to your business and helps you start the process of making your data available through modern UIs, mobile devices and the Cloud.

Technically, X-DB Modernize features:

  • Contains exported procedures for CRUD records in the table
  • Export of DDL from relational data model (including RPG, COBOL or 2E application)
  • Generates database RPGSQLLE service programs
  • Exports UML Class Diagrams from relational data model
  • Creates Hibernate configuration files and JPA package from generated relational model.

X-2E Modernize

Automatically convert your CA 2E (Synon) & RPG applications to modern languages

Although CA 2E combines a rich design model AND powerful code generation capabilities, many businesses running CA 2E are under pressure to modernise their applications to deliver functionality beyond the capabilities of CA 2E.

Reluctant to lose decades of design and development invested in your CA 2E however?

Fresche’s X-2E Modernize could provide the answer by automatically transforming CA 2E (and RPG) into modern languages such as Java.

By doing so, you can:

  • Take advantage of the many open source technologies on IBM i
  • Integrate your applications with other business systems
  • Explore the benefits of the Cloud
  • Make recruiting new resources easier.

Key features of X-2E Modernize

  • Generates standard, modern, highly portable code: in the back end, Spring-based Java exposing REST web services and in the front end, Angular or React
  • Convert from the CA 2E, not RPG, which in turn requires less code – accelerating re-engineering projects
  • Faster conversions with automation
  • Delivers a modern web UI right out of the box
  • Combine with X-2E Analysis, which creates object repository from CA 2E model.

X-Analysis: X-2E Modernize converts RPG & CA 2E to Java


Convert your RPG and CA 2E applications to modern languages automatically

Stable and robust. Those are the very bedrock of IBM i.

You’ve no doubt invested many years in developing and enhancing your RPG and CA 2E based applications to meet your unique business needs.

But if you’re wanting (or under pressure) to modernise your applications so you can take advantage of web and mobile technologies; connect your existing applications with other business systems; or use open source within your applications, then X-Modernize could be the answer as it automatically re-factors and generates a native web application in a modern language such as Java and PHP.

  • Modern architecture: generates Java or PHP applications
  • Complete conversion to native code: all functionality of your RPG and CA 2E applications are converted, generating code which is easier to maintain. For CA 2E projects, X-Modernize uses the design model to ensure completeness
  • Conversion automation speeds up the process – increasing ROI and reducing errors at the same time
  • Modern, highly responsive web UI out of the box which takes full advantage of the latest front end technologies
  • Combine with other modules in the suite: X-Analysis creates your object repository from sources; X-Modernize converts the code; and X-DB Modernize generates your DDL/SQL/UDB database.


Use X‑Elevate to quickly build next generation IBM i free-form RPG applications & APIs with modular architecture

Accelerate the development and modernisation of your RPG programs into modular, next-gen applications with X-Elevate, the very latest addition to the X-Analysis stable.

Traditional green-screen applications are difficult to maintain, deploy on the web and integrate with other modern systems, due to their monolithic architecture.

X‑Elevate templates make it quick and easy for RPG programmers to create APIs and web services that integrate with other systems.

>Accelerate time to delivery and increase code quality by building responsive, multi-layer web and mobile applications.

X-Elevate brings digital transformation within reach for organisations on the IBM i.

It unlocks innovations that enable RPG developers to drive new digital capabilities.

Deliver secure, agile systems with API, web services and microservices architectures, and a multi-layer approach that makes code maintenance easy, optimises RPG, and takes advantage of newer skills in your organisation.<

With X-Elevate, you can:

  • Improve IT and business agility
  • Deliver incremental modernisation
  • Share data and integrate systems
  • Leverage IT skills and attract new talent

Providing the tools & skills for IBM i application development

We’ve worked with a host of companies over the years who depend on the IBM i to run business-critical applications. We’ve been able to provide development, change management and security products as well as support, maintenance and modernisation resources. Read the case studies below to see how they are making the best use of their IBM i.

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