Extract & transfer data from external data sources to your IBM i. Complete with validation.

iRoute from Utilities 400 solves the problem of accepting and processing data from multiple partners, customers and suppliers in many different formats and updating the IBM i database accordingly. 

Think of iRoute as your conduit between external data sources and your IBM i – alongside rapid data transfer.

From accepting CSV files by email to polling FTP directories for XML, iRoute can extract data from multiple locations in many popular formats and then parse to your IBM i with full validation. 

iRoute has a client software that sits on a WinTel server that can poll FTP / network / cloud directories / locations and ‘listen’ for certain emails and then (depending upon the rule) extract the data from the presented file and upload to the IBM i.

Once on the IBM i, the server side of the solution will parse (again, depending upon the validation logic) to the database. This can be completed either by directly updating the database file or you can employ another solution, such as iKeyer (also from Utilities 400) to update using a 5250 session. 

As with other products in the Utilities 400 product range, iRoute addresses many disparate areas in IBM i enterprises. From accepting orders via email to updating a BOM (Bill of Materials) on your manufacturing shop floor, iRoute can help solve many areas where data capture and IBM i updates are required.


Key features of iRoute

  • iRoute can accept multiple file locations, including FTP, sFTP, Network, Local, Cloud, Email, DTS / ADO
  • File formats accepted by iRoute include TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX, PDF, XML and HTML
  • Database formats accepted by iRoute include: SQL / MySQL, Access, Oracle and DB2


Extract & parse data

Book a demo with our specialists to understand how you can use iRoute to extract data and parse it to your IBM  with full validation.

We are a Utilities 400 reseller partner. Utilities 400 is the largest UK based independent software vendor for dedicated IBM i solutions.

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