Give secure, user-based access to enterprise information with unlimited IBM i web portals, intranets & extranets

Nexus Portal enables staff, and external stakeholders, to access enterprise-level business information through a browser by setting up unlimited secure IBM i hosted intranet and extranet web portals.

You can send documents, such as purchase orders to your customers in a matter of minutes rather than days. Not only does this improve customer service, but enables greater cash flow as accounts payable can process invoices quicker and more reliably.

Keep information secure by using Nexus to specify exactly which users have access to which documents, web apps and dashboards, by setting user and group authorities – without the need for any coding or programming. Securely and easily access, manage and share content such as PDFs, XLS, folders and links, at the touch of a button.

As Nexus use, Kawasaki says:

“Nexus is the perfect product to manage the secure access of web documents and programs. We have over a thousand users accessing documents and running WebSmart programs without any issues.”

Nexus makes access to information quick, with web-desktop access using a quick-loading zero-footprint browser interface and no additional software. Access with Nexus is secure too, hosted on the IBM i, with HTTP Apache Server extensions to provide additional security.


What Nexus Portal can help you to achieve

Fulfil a wide variety of business functions by creating unlimited intranet and extranet portals to share information with users.

Content Security

Ensure users only access the documents, web apps and dashboards they have authority to with user and group authorities. Manage access for different types of users.

Manage Documents 

PDFs, XLS, folders and links can be more accessible, secure and easy to manage and share with the Nexus ECM.

Modernise Your IBM i Applications

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