Give IBM i green screens & new RPG programs a web GUI – rapidly

Interested in developing native IBM i GUIs (graphical user interfaces) for green screen enablement?

Presto is a powerful tool for transforming your organisation’s outdated IBM i (AS400 / iSeries) green screens and system menus into modern web-based GUI’s without requiring changes to your RPG, COBOL or DDS code.

Programmers do not need HTML experience to make your IBM i applications more relevant to your users, senior managers and clients.

Developers can also add new functionality to IBM i applications such as drop down boxes, date pickers, tabs and images.

Presto also enables applications to be accessed remotely by any tablet, smartphone or mobile device.

As the Incident Manager at retailer, Argos put it:

“Presto has given more than just improved GUI and user experience. It has significantly shortened processes in particular the onboarding of new staff. In general Presto is easy-to-use and very quick for them to make changes that in the past would have taken longer.”

Give Your IBM i Green Screens a Modern Graphical User Interface (GUI)

What Presto can help you to achieve:

Transition IBM i green screens to a modern, web-based GUI

Keep management and end users relevant on your IBM i, as you move from existing green screens to new RPG programmes and web-based GUI.

Increased productivity & new functionality

Added functionality, such as drop-downs, tabs, date pickers, images and charts increase productivity by improving UI / UX in web-enabled screens.

Mobile access

Provide mobile access to your web-enabled green-screens so your team can work on them internally or remotely, via mobile devices.



Presto’s web-based GUIs keeps your IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) more relevant and accessible for users and management. Simply the fastest way to green screen enable and modernise IBM i green screens, Presto software does not require any changes to your existing RPG, COBOL or DDS code. Original green screens are also still available to those users who prefer them.

This is what J.R. Simplot had to say about Presto:

“Presto is a game changer. Out of the box, Presto converted our existing applications and OS screens into web applications that we can use on mobile devices, all without requiring us to change any code. I’m a 25+ year IBM i (RPG) developer but learning this tool was simple with a minimal learning curve. In my opinion, Presto should be shipped with every IBM i sold.”

Deployed easily, Presto-enabled screens can be accessed internally and remotely via PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.

Presto adds functionality including images, charts, tabs, dropdowns and datepickers, making it easier to access, use and manage applications on the IBM i, whether you are using 5250 or RPG Open Access (OA).

Learn how one company added value to their IBM i applications for distributors with Presto

Based in Quebec, Canada TMISI is a Software as a Service provider offering a suite of fully integrated applications designed for wholesale distributors gave their green screen applications a modern look with Presto – and provided faster data entry, improved navigation and better layouts with custom skins and tabs.

All this was achieved by a non-developer: Evange Destounis who is TMISI’s President and CEO.

“Many of the things we accomplished with Presto – like auto completes, macros and mobile-friendly layouts – could not have been done in a green screen environment.”

In the video below , Destounis describes just some of the things he likes about Presto, including:

  • Being able to add new functionality to COBOL programs, including drop downs for certain fields – even though TMISI has no internal COBOL expertise
  • Having the ability to add visual elements to existing green screens, such as Google maps, images and charts
  • Improving the user experience by using JavaScript to pre-fill form fields with relevant data.


Low risk. Low cost investment

Developing you existing ERP  software and business-critical IBM i applications by giving them a web-based GUI or developing new applications can be both a low risk and low cost way to maximise your investment in the IBM i platform.

To help you develop your business case for IBM i modernisation, why not download the whitepaper from Fresche Solutions: ‘The business case for IBM i green screen modernisation’.

As with any IBM i product, Proximity can provide additional IBM i staff resources to help kick start or complete a project, or we can manage the whole project on your behalf. Learn more about our IBM i services.

Modernise Your IBM i Green Screen Applications

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