Although it may sound like it, iKeyer is not a well-known Swedish flat-pack furniture retailer.

It does, however, exactly what it says on the tin… it ‘keys into the IBM i’.

In other words, iKeyer is a virtual terminal that picks up data from external sources (such as iRoute, another product within the Utilities 400 range which enables IBM i enterprises to extract and transfer data from external sources to your IBM i) and then automatically key that data into your IBM i using the 5250 green screen session. 

Businesses typically choose iKeyer if they have a particularly arduous manual process that requires automating. 

While in some cases, iRoute would fit the bill, in businesses that have fully supported enterprise systems, updating the database via anything but an interface file or the green screen will invalidate their agreement.

As such, iKeyer provides that neat interface for allowing to automate data input without updating the backend database files.

How does iKeyer work?

iKeyer is a ‘virtual terminal’ that can be taught input processes via recording an input session and/or using its inbuilt scripting language. iKeyer will automatically detect the data stream presented and then run the appropriate script accordingly.


  • Record Input Session – The virtual terminal is taught input processes by recording an input session
  • Automate the process – iKeyer then learns these inputs to automatically pick up the data
  • Pick up data – The virtual terminal picks up data from external sources
  • Key the data into IBM i – This data is then ‘keyed’ into the IBM i using a 5250 Green Screen Session.

What are the key features of the product: 

  • Removes manual data entry from repetitive tasks
  • Helps free up valuable resources from manual tasks and improves efficiencies
  • Visual scripting studio
  • Record and play user sessions and convert recordings to script
  • Detect multiple input strings.

Automate data entry

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