Automate forms, cheques & barcode labels with IBM i spooled data

You never need to write code with Formtastic: a simple interface designer, based on your desktop, means that you can create custom designed forms, cheques and barcode labels from IBM i spool files.

Data is extracted by Formtastic, from your spool files and inserted into custom forms, which can be automatically emailed, printed, faxed or stored on a network drive.

Formtastic’s Formatter ensures that only necessary information will appear, in the right place on your forms, with no more unruly spool file and database formatting. Formatter is an innovative spool file pre-processor, and data from other database files can also be processed with it, via advanced database queries.


IBM i / AS400 spool file custom documents


Formtastic is simple to use: once branding and company details have been inserted, a suite of premapped overlays, or templates, can be applied, and documents can be previewed on screen or via printed test copies. Predesigned templates are available for:

  • PeopleSoft
  • Infor XA ERP system
  • Infor BPCS ERP system
  • CommercialWare
  • B&L Information Systems
  • Mincron
  • Vormitagg
  • Application Plus
  • General forms for eBusiness (proprietary or home grown applications)
  • MICR cheque printing

Customer, supplier and prospect maintenance files can be converted into address labels and industry standard barcode labels, to be printed on laser and thermal transfer printers for distribution and inventory requirements.

Using Formtastic labels, IBM i variable data can be converted into over 25 different barcode types, including:

  • UCC/EAN-128
  • UPC
  • AIAG
  • 3 of 9
  • Extended 3 of 9
  • PostNet, UPS, FEDEX, etc. compliant labels
  • RFID labels.

Learn more about Formtastic can help your business reduce printing costs, improve customer service & increase IT efficiency. Download: the ‘Top 5 reasons to replace your IBM i forms solution’ e-book


Zero coding or development required to modernise your IBM i spool files with Formtastic.

With a range of pre-built and pre-designed templates, Formtastic can help you to achieve:

Beautiful Custom-design Reports & Documents

Customer-facing documents can be quickly branded to deliver consistent forms and reports, in a variety of formats.

Automate Document Distribution & Management

Save time by automatically distributing and archiving your documents, via email, print, fax or sending straight to storage.

Range of Formats

With Formtastic you can create and deliver forms in PDF or TIFF, to suit the individuals or groups who need to review them.

Modernise & Beautify Your IBM i Spool Files with Formtastic

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