Trevor Perry explores everything you need to know about the IBM i

An IBM Champion, 35 year IBM i veteran and 12 years at Fresche Solutions, Trevor Perry is well placed to provide an overview of the IBM i and explain just what it has to offer for businesses – and what’s possible on the operating system.

Perry has established himself as thought leader in the industry. He has extensive knowledge of green screen modernisation and, in his role with Fresche, helps businesses develop strategies for adoption of modernised applications.

In this comprehensive video, Perry looks at the IBM i operating environment, including:

  • Database and file sharing
  • User interface
  • Security
  • Work management
  • Virtualisation
  • Availability
  • Networking and connectivity
  • Auditing
  • Application serving
  • Storage management.

He explains just why the IBM i is ‘built for business’ including how the operating system has been optimised for resilience and non-disruptive growth on IBM’s premium Power servers; has been designed for open application design choices with infrastructure support for mobile devices; and is supported by thousands of IBM i software companies and independent software vendors of which Proximity is one.



About Fresche Solutions

By partnering with Fresche Solutions we are able to deliver a flexible and comprehensive range of tools and products to get the best out of your IBM i (AS400 / iSeries) products and tools.

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