How Presto gives your IBM i green screens a modern UI

Find out how you can improve workflows, by transforming your old green screens into modern web pages, with Presto from Fresche. Watch the video to learn how Presto can:

  • Meet user expectations with a modern look and feel
  • Increase productivity with faster navigation and data entry
  • Represent data visually
  • Extend the reach of your applications
  • Work on mobile devices.


Most IBM i users think green screens are outdated and don’t want to use them. Simply changing the colours of the screen won’t satisfy them. With BCD (Fresche Solutions)’s Presto, its easier than you think for RPG programmers to give your users the modern UI they want. In this video, you’ll see how Presto has transformed green screens to webpages to meet users expectations with a modern look and feel. To increase productivity with faster data entry and improve workflows and that can be accessed on mobile devices and with extended the release of your applications to new users.

About Fresche Solutions

By partnering with Fresche Solutions we are able to deliver a flexible and comprehensive range of tools and products to get the best out of your IBM i (AS400 / iSeries) products and tools.

Optimising, customising and improving your IBM i applications has never been easier with Fresche Solutions’ products such as PrestoWebSmartX-AnalysisFormtasticCatapultNewlookIBM i Business IntelligenceClover, and QuadraDocV.

Proximity has been using these very tools for over 10 years. We know these tools inside and out, so we can advise you on which tool will suit your needs most as well as providing day-to-day project management, consultancy, analysis, development and support skills through our IBM i managed services, support and maintenance team.