Struggle with getting meaningful analytical information out of your IBM i?  

Would you like to provide secure access to enterprise information to your partners, customers or employees?

We know that the IBM i is a wonderful transactional platform for medium sized businesses.

However we also know that one of the problems it gives users is actually being able to get meaningful business information out of it. 

If you want to be able to get and organise more meaningful information and analytics out of your IBM i, then why not check out the video below with Andy Nicholson from Proximity. 


In this video, Andy will discuss two products, Clover and Nexus, from Fresche Solutions that help you create real-time IBM i web-reports, dashboards and B2B portals in minutes, providing secure access to information for all your information stakeholders, how they need it, when they need it. 



Interested in Clover & Nexus to help you get meaningful analytical information out of your IBM i?

Book a call with Andy Nicholson to see how you can build real-time IBM i web reports, dashboards and b2b portals in minutes with Clover & Nexus, or to ask any questions you might have about your IBM i. 

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Want more information about Clover and Nexus?

Check out our individual product pages for more information about the Clover and Nexus products from Fresche Solutions.

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