Ivanti Velocity allows you to quickly migrate existing Windows CE / Telnet apps to Android.

Powered by Wavelink, Ivanti’s terminal emulation / Windows CE migration tool, Velocity delivers rapid migration to Android handheld devices.

You can quickly and easily get your existing applications into the hands of your workers by implementing an easy migration to Android, allowing them to use the latest handheld devices with minimal disruption.

In this new infographic, Ivanti outline just how simple (and quick) a migration with Velocity can be:

  • Fast Migration – Migrate your existing telnet or web app interfaces in minutes. Velocity enables you to maintain all the functionality and capabilities of your existing apps, in a modern Android OS.
  • Configuration Preservation – Existing configurations, like application connections and settings remain intact, so your move to the Android OS is free from disruptions.
  • Productivity Maintenance – By maintaining the existing experience and settings in your applications, disruption is minimised as workers have time to adjust to their new Android hardware, and you can modernise when you are ready.
  • Minimal Business Impact – Using Velocity to migrate legacy applications to the modern Android OS has a minimal impact on business operations. The pace of change is controlled, so continuity is ensured and operational workflows are kept steady.

Find out more about how Velocity delivers rapid migration to Android in this infographic from Ivanti, which you can download here.

Velocity Delivers Rapid Migration to Android