The fourth industrial revolution is here. And it is here to stay.

A fast and disruptive future, covering just about every sector, Industry 4.0 is powered by connectivity. Innovative platforms, available via mobile devices, bring people, processes and technologies together.

Smartphones and mobile handheld computers are bringing in a new era of production. But only for organisations that are already geared up to take advantage of the workforce mobility revolution.

The workforce mobility revolution

This workforce mobility revolution is giving organisations a way to stand out with a competitive advantage.

It offers a new way of working, with new levels of operational visibility, as well as advancements in productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

By understanding the opportunities presented by workforce mobility, and acting to adopt mobility practices, organisations are able to quickly take advantage of the full benefits of the new industrial revolution.

Download these three resources from Zebra Technologies get to grips with the workforce mobility revolution:

Whitepaper: Transform your business by harnessing the workforce mobility revolution

By engaging with the workforce mobility revolution, and taking advantage of technological leap forward, you can expect to improve:

  • Productivity – Speed up workflows and enhance worker productivity with the use of advanced operating systems, devices, and purpose-built software applications
  • Efficiency – Improve manufacturing efficiency (and halve the time it takes to pick an order) with processes that eliminate waste and complexity
  • Accuracy – Advanced data collection capabilities cut the costs associated with errors and give you and your customers peace of mind that it’ll be right the first time, every time.

Whitepaper: Where will the mobile workforce revolution take you?

Find out about the opportunities available to businesses who take advantage of the latest technology.

Discover why waiting could cost you in the long run. His whitepaper outlines the key decisions any business has to make, to see the difference in workforce mobility

Infographic: The mobile workforce revolution – put to the test

This infographic gives you the results of some testing carried out by Zebra Technologies, to see how much more productive, efficient and accurate the use of technology can make your operations.

They compared the speed, intuitiveness and precision of data entry achieved with various keypad types. They pitted virtual keyboard entry against physical keyboard entry.



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