Helping you to make the right choices when replacing your legacy Windows CE handheld devices

New technologies, advanced mobile handheld devices and enterprise-grade platforms are making it easier and easier for companies to deploy and operate an efficient and effective mobile field service strategy.

While many businesses are already taking advantage of the benefits of a truly mobile workforce, there is a huge shift occurring in the mobile operating system (OS) sector. With Microsoft preparing to end support for existing Windows mobile OS handheld devices in 2020, the likes of Google have made huge in-roads into the business / enterprise rugged mobile device market by transforming the Android OS into a truly enterprise-ready platform.

Business must consider many factors outside just the OS when determining their Windows CE migration strategy including:

  • Requirements from key stakeholder departments: IT, workforce and developers
  • What applications have to be rewritten and data transferred
  • How new handheld devices will be provisioned
  • What opportunities and competitive advantage can be exploited from technologies such as NFC, GPS, beacons and sensors provide to the business
  • The role of security and how can it be ensured via devices, platform and users.

Zebra has put together this whitepaper to help organisations choose the right mobile OS for their business. It examines what each platform offers, what features they have and the technologies available, including:

  • Current state of the handheld OS market
  • Short-term future of Windows mobile
  • Opportunities presented by Android
  • Android for Work
  • Limitations of Apple iOS in the enterprise-device market
  • Security: data and device protection, device management, compliance, secure and managed Wi-Fi connections
  • App procurement and OS updates
  • Web-based applications
  • Licencing
  • User interface and user experience.

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