Dropped Wireless Terminal Sessions

RF/Wireless 5250, 3270 and VT emulation solutions are normally used to scan bar-coded information on materials and goods.

Barcode scanning is part of the process for tracking real-time inventory movement from manufacture through warehousing, retail and distribution.

Scanned information is transmitted to host applications, and in turn, those host applications process the information, providing users with accurate and timely data for reporting, auditing, accounting or records retention.

Normally the result of a remote RF/Wireless terminal emulation device losing its connection to the host computer, dropped user sessions can put a big strain on any organisation.

The trouble with dropped wireless terminal sessions

When the device loses its connection, the real-time bar-coded scanning information it was collecting can no longer be fed through to the host computer and application.

Often, even when the connection is re-established, the device is still unable to continue doing what it was previously processing.

These disruptions in the barcode scanning process can then cause delays or disruptions further down the line when moving inventory between locations.

Disruptions can also result in the generation of inaccurate accounting information.

Dropped user sessions are the number one problem associated with RF/Wireless 5250, 3270 and VT emulation environments. The sheer frequency of connection disruptions can cause real data and productivity issues for users.

As well as being frustrating and time-consuming for the workers trying to perform the scanning function, dropped scanning sessions cause significant problems for the IT team, who likely have to get involved to help solve the connection issue.

Up until recently, users and IT teams alike had to tolerate the problem of dropped sessions. There just wasn’t an effective solution available.

Enter: StayLinked.

Avoiding dropped wireless terminal sessions

Using this whitepaper from StayLinked, you can begin to analyse and understand the true impact of dropped sessions on the various entities within an enterprise when it happens.

Find out the true costs (and related inconvenience) resulting from a dropped user scanning session – and find strategies and methods to counteract the situation and create a more reliable environment for RF/ Wireless terminal emulation.



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