A modern GUI for IBM i: Drive revenue. Increase competitive advantage. Delight end users.

Globally, over 150,000 organisations rely on the IBM i to run business-critical business applications: from ERP software systems to transport management software; and accounting to asset management (and everything in between).

By using IBM i (formerly known as the AS400 / iSeries / System i), businesses can take advantage of:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • An integrated database.

So, what’s the problem?

All too often, IBM i software applications are hidden behind green screens that new users and management simply don’t know how to use – and maybe considered to look outdated.

Sadly, rather than focus on an IT modernisation strategy, these businesses have looked at migrating to another platform. These projects can take years and cost hundreds of thousands.

All of which presents a bleak picture for RPG developers and IBM i IT departments. Surely there has to be a better way?

In this whitepaper, Fresche Solutions examines how a digital transformation project can narrow the scope – at a lower risk.

Using IBM i development products to modernise your application UI, as well as developing new, strategic web applications can help your business maximise its existing investment in the IBM i – and align your IT department with your businesses needs.

There are lots of possibilities using products such as Presto from Fresche Solutions, including:

  • Adding new functionality such as images, drop downs and tabs
  • Using RPG Open Access to create scrolling grids
  • Extend your green screens beyond the confines of 80 or 132 columns.

Top reasons to develop your IBM i (AS400 / iSeries) UI

  • Increase end user productivity by speeding up data entry, reducing errors and improving navigation
  • Improving workflows within applications
  • Give access to IBM i software applications through mobile devices
  • Provide access to customers, partners and other key stakeholders to improve your service. Read the case study for Draper Tools and see what functionality Stream delivery management software provides through its self-service customer gateway
  • Add greater value through charts, dashboards, PDF documents and maps
  • Leverage IBM i resources and future-proof applications
  • Reduce training and user onboarding costs
  • Integrate your IBM i software applications with other technologies, platforms & data sources
  • Integrate with Windows applications.

Download the whitepaper to read more about each business case – and learn about the solutions available from Fresche for your UI development requirements.


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