Ivanti terminal emulation powered by WaveLink

Your customers demand faster delivery, and labour costs exert constant pressure on operating margin.

The problem is, PC-based data-entry tasks don’t get any faster.

So, how do you show productivity improvements every year, keep pace with peak demand and satisfy your customers?



Ivanti terminal emulation, powered by WaveLink, extends warehouse management or other enterprise systems to the point of worker activity.

Implement data capture technology and mobile computing on Windows CE, mobile, Android, even iOS with telnet that improves order accuracy and gives you a competitive edge.

Ivanti’s terminal emulation employs standard network protocols that align with corporate security policies and work with your existing host applications.

Multi-session support lets workers multitask, so there’s no wasted time logging into other applications. Session persistence maintains their connections when network performance is questionable, or even when swapping out batteries and rebooting devices.

For additional productivity, you can accelerate your warehouse tasks by adding voice.

Ivanti terminal emulation ships on a number of industry-leading rugged mobile computers, with device-specific clients available for many more.

With over 10,000,000 active terminal emulation licences in use around the world (which is more than all Ivanti’s competitors combined) Ivanti are trusted to power productivity for the world largest supply chains.

Join them: Boost your perfect order rate and gain a faster, more efficient supply chain.

Learn more about terminal emulation and Windows CE migration to Android here.