Struggle with transforming your outdated green screens into modern GUIs for your IBM i?  


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Understand what the top concerns are for the IBM i enterprise and the drivers for modernisation and find out why you should be looking to introduce web interfaces to your green screen application and a modern GUI.

Learn what to expect from Presto and how it can help you create intuitive web GUIs with immediate results, easily deploy & grant access, improve end user productivity, leverage and future-proof your IBM i and utilise RESTful APIs and web services.

See Presto in action in a live demonstration.



In this video, Andy will discuss Presto from Fresche solutions which helps you give your IBM i (AS400) green screens a modern web GUI.

Andy is joined in the video by Greg Patterson, an Executive Consultant from Fresche Solutions, who provides a live demonstration of Presto.




Interested in Presto to help you turn your IBM i green screens into a modern web GUI that’s accessible from any device?

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Check out our individual product page for more information about Presto from Fresche Solutions.

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