If today’s organisations want to meet the demands of the workplace mobility revolution, it’s essential they migrate their mobile apps from legacy operating systems such as Windows CE to next-generation platforms, for example Android.

Using new technology allows manufacturing organisations to run a modern mobile enterprise and improve productivity while cutting costs with a connected mobile workforce.

The changing enterprise technology landscape

Taking advantage of technological advances enables manufacturers to mobilise data, gain insights, and determine the strategic actions they need to take, in order to ensure growth, increase profits and remain competitive.

This rapid change in mobile technology is driven by a number of factors:

  • Enterprise devices are now just as intuitive and user-friendly as consumer smartphones – with the advantage of ruggedised hardware and advanced functionality
  • Consumer-focused operating systems (OS) like Android are maturing into genuine enterprise-ready platforms
  • Support for the existing Windows Mobile OS set to end this year, which means that organisations running rugged Windows CE based devices need to migrate to an alternative OS with new devices and re-written mobile applications
  • The fourth industrial revolution – dubbed industry 4.0 – has bright new technologies like beacons, sensors, NFC and GPS. It is critical for manufacturing organisations to leverage the possibilities offered by industry 4.0 – or risk missing out on a competitive advantage.

Adapting to the workplace mobility revolution

The need to act is clear, but the move to next-generation platforms can be complex. Adopting new technologies will always be a challenge.

Business transformation towards the mobile revolution has to begin with the mobile applications that support key business functions.

Organisations need to align the workforce mobility revolution with their own strategic priorities, migrating the apps that allow them to reduce risk, time and cost. They must also leverage modern OS, technologies and devices and redesign applications to improve workflows.

By doing this, organisations are able to remain competitive and make workflows more productive, efficient and accurate than ever – all while enhancing customer experience.

Successfully migrate mobile apps to transform your organisation

Download Zebra Technology’s whitepaper to understand:

  • The reasons for an app migration from Windows CE to Android
  • The process for organisations to migrate mobile apps
  • The choices that must be made
  • How to successfully manage the entire process.

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