What is the value of real-time data from your manufacturing shop floor?

What does ‘real-time’ really mean in your manufacturing plant?

While real-time data should mean that it’s available immediately, this isn’t always the case. Some manufacturers can only acquire data when a shift ends, leading to a data-gap of up to eight hours, while others rely on outdated tech, resulting in a four-to-six hour data-gap.

Does that sound like an acceptable margin to you?

To put it another way, can your manufacturing plant afford to be up to 8 hours behind the data you’re using to make decisions? Does a shortfall in timely production details mean you miss out on critical decision-making information? Making decisions using out of sync data can cause a ripple effect of negative consequences across your organisation, including

Inaccurate scheduling

If your schedules are based on estimated production times, not on live data, they can quickly lose accuracy and become obsolete.

Trending out of specification

When your data is hours old, you are likely to receive information about issues and mistakes much later than you would with live data – resulting in wasted production hours, costly reproduction or corrective action, and delays in beginning the next batch.

Late KPIs

How useful are KPI reports if the data is old? In today’s world of ‘big data’ its less a question of how to gather the data, and of how to quickly sort through it to pinpoint the specific information you need, when you need it.

Incorrect inventory

Having control and visibility over your supply chain is essential for proper stock control and order fulfilment – and impossible without up-to-the-moment data.

Unplanned downtime

By actively monitoring and diagnosing activity on the shop floor in live real-time, you are able to promptly react to issues and prevent costly downtime.

By using actual real-time data (i.e. live data), you can reduce the loss of time, resources and money from your plant’s bottom line. Depending on how your existing ERP software and MES systems are configured, your organisation might be one of the unlucky manufacturers who might be experiencing these delays without actually knowing it. This whitepaper from leading ERP software and manufacturing automation systems vendor, DELMIAWORKS entitled “What is the Value of Real-Time Data: How much does it cost you to wait hours for updated information?” will help you understand:

  • If you are experiencing a data delay and what you can do about it
  • How the Internet of Things is changing the concept of real-time
  • How real-time data is the key to solving your most painful manufacturing challenges
  • How you can get real-time data from your shop floor

Download the whitepaper to learn more about the importance of live real-time data, and find out more about IQMS EnterpriseIQ ERP software & MES systems here.


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