Make The Right Choices In ERP Software Selection

If you are planning to add, upgrade or replace your manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system, you will (rightly) have some big concerns about exactly what the system can do.

Can it handle your company’s scheduling needs?

Does it offer quality control and production monitoring?

Can it streamline the communications within your company?

Whilst there are important considerations, there are many other critical components that must be considered.

Functionality must be considered against the whole package, technology and vendor, to ensure that you are making a lasting choice. This whitepaper goes into detail about some of the important things to look for when evaluating ERP software, including:

  • Platform: while .NET, SQL, hosted, cloud, etc. are all important considerations, your ERP software should not be selected on platform alone
  • Technology: evaluate if your ERP software vendor is keeping up with (or pushing the boundaries) of what is technologically possible, for example research and developing of new applications and / or functionality
  • Number of vendors involved: you’ll need to understand just how many vendors will be involved with your final ERP package. Some vendors have built solutions through mergers and acquisitions which are packaged as a single system
  • Product demonstrations: often one of the best ways to understand the ERP software is through a vendor or partner led demonstration – followed by a test drive of the system internally using your own production data if possible
  • Implementation plans: thoroughly interrogate the implementation plan provided by your vendor or partner. Can you speak to a reference customer and see how the reality matched the plan?
  • Customer referrals & retention: its always good to speak to an existing user, but always be aware that they are a reference for a reason. Also, when provided with a list of happy customers, try and find out what the retention levels are like for that particular vendor

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