Learn more about why your business needs industry-specific ERP software

There are many reasons why you might be disappointed with your current ERP software, which IQMS (renamed DELMIAWORKS following the acquisition by Dassault Systeme) outline in this whitepaper.

If you are searching for new manufacturing ERP software, you may currently be in the process of evaluating and researching all the options for manufacturing ERP software.

Your manufacturing business has its own specific needs and challenges to take into account when searching for the right manufacturing ERP solution.

To help you in your search for the right manufacturing ERP solution for your business, this whitepaper from IQMS outlines some of the most common reasons why manufacturers invest in new ERP software, and offers solutions to help you overcome the challenges in each area.

Reasons explored include:

  • Using multiple back office applications, non-manufacturing specific accounting software such as QuickBooks and / or patched together Excel spreadsheets to manage production
  • In-house / bespoke manufacturing software has become unmanageable and lacks the modern functionality you need to manage your business
  • You have a legacy ERP software application that is no longer supported, or it’s simply not fit for purpose
  • Your software applications are not manufacturing specific, or industry specific
  • Customer or regulatory requirements have changed and your ERP software does not provide the required tools / compliance programs to meet them
  • Your current ERP software doesn’t provide the planning and scheduling functionality your business requires to meet demand – without adding resources
  • Your technology and infrastructure is old and your experiencing frequent downtime that’s affecting production – and customer relations.

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