How ERP software & manufacturing automation software can deliver Industry 4.0

IoT (Internet of Things), and Industry 4.0 technology is having increasing relevance and use in the manufacturing sector, assisting in every part of the industry, with intelligent solutions to make processes more efficient.

However, the people working in manufacturing – from technicians to managers and senior managers, may be having some trouble seeing how these concepts could actually have an application in their business.

In this whitepaper from DELMIAWORKS (previously known as IQMS), you’ll find real-word use-cases from three manufacturers who are already implementing IoT and Industry 4.0 concepts:

  • Plastic Components Inc. implemented a ‘lights-out’ production environment
  • Tessy Plastics is now able to make smarter and more efficient use of resources, thanks to up-to-the-moment production visibility.
  • Nissen Chemitec mistake-proofed their process, with synchronised production and JiT barcode labels.

Read their guidance and practical advice on how to get started with a modest IoT strategy that can lead to a large-scale deployment, delivering strong return on investment.

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