Written in conjunction with LNS Research, this whitepaper from IQMS explores practical approaches to making the Industrial Internet of Things and digital transformation a reality for manufacturing businesses.

In recent years investment and interest in IIoT technologies has reached a tipping point with 53% of industrial companies having either already invested in IIoT platforms – or plan to do so in the next 12-months.

In the course of their research, LNS has established that the issues companies now face in IIoT adoption are no longer technical, but are rather around building a compelling business case for adoption and getting the funding for IIoT projects.

IQMS and LNS provide six use cases in this practical guide so that you can ‘know what you don’t know’ and build your own business case.

  • Use case one: Re-Defining Critical Assets – Pumps, Valves, and Motors
  • Use case two: A New Approach to Clean-in-Place Systems
  • Use case three: Creative Use of Social, Geospatial, and Asset Data
  • Use case four: Managing Recipe Variation
  • Use case five: Safety – Machines and Processes
  • Use case six: Smart Products and Disrupting Quality Testing

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