Best Practice ERP Software Implementation Case Studies

With over 50% of all ERP implementations coming in over budget and beyond the deadline, implementation in manufacturing ERP is an essential consideration.

Whilst these statistics aren’t an accurate representation of IQMS’ services, it is the responsibility of everyone in the ERP software industry to work on keeping ERP implementations on time and on budget.

The best way to ensure you hit targets for a successful, timely and cost-effective implementation is to ensure a deep knowledge and analysis of your specific requirements and objectives.

IQMS’ and Proximity’s dedicated implementation specialists are deployed to work alongside you so that we can help implement your EnterpriseIQ ERP system efficiently and effectively.

“A knowledgeable, enthusiastic, cross-functional team will be the foundation for your implementation’s success. Look at your whole organisation and provide an opportunity to personnel that show a passion for systems. You may find the right team members on the shop floor or in the office.”

In this whitepaper our ERP software specialists share some of their top implementation tips, covering:

  • Building your ideal implementation team internally
  • Defining and blueprinting your business processes and procedures
  • Choosing the right implementation method: phased or ‘big bang’
  • Setting a realistic timeline
  • Understanding hardware requirements
  • Choosing what data to migrate
  • How to avoid the most common implementation problem – time management.

“This is your opportunity to make changes. Just because you’ve done something one way for the last 20 years doesn’t mean it’s good or it’s right. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means we should evaluate. What sets you apart from your competition? Those are the things that we’ve got to protect. Everything else should be on the table to discuss.”

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