Track & trace reporting options in manufacturing ERP software

IQMS’ whitepaper outlines some best technology practices for tracking, tracing and reporting on manufacturing production.

It will help you to outline what a well-planned quality strategy, combined with a modern enterprise information system, can do for your manufacturing business.

Ensuring that you have the right tools and processes in place to quickly, accurately and efficiently conduct an analysis, gives you a fallback for when you need to support or undertake quality investigations.

When you have a manufacturing operations system in place to consistently track (record) and trace (report) your entire history of quality inspections, receiving, work-in-process, processes, final inventory and shipping records.

IQMS examine a number of different traceability reporting options, including:

  • Transactions and summaries to enable¬†product quality investigations to be conducted and drive continuous process improvements
  • Graphic tree reporting, which can enable faster discovery of relevant information
  • Analytical reporting.

Ensuring track and trace capability is built into your manufacturing operations will give you the ability to practice continuous improvement with accurate product and process data – providing peace of mind if you ever need to urgently conduct a product quality investigation.

Download this whitepaper from IQMS to gain a better understanding of how technology practices can assist in your product traceability and reporting.

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