Quickly show ROI in your IBM i modernisation journey with Formtastic electronic forms tool

Where would you begin your IBM i modernisation initiative?

Document output systems may seem like an unusual place to start, but modernising your printed forms, labels and checks, you can quickly generate ROI on your modernisation initiative.

Moving to an electronic forms solution can be a really fast modernisation project to implement, and can allow you to hit the ground running in your IBM i modernisation implementation.

Replacing your outdated IBM i forms solution has wide reaching benefits for businesses looking to modernise.

The eBook will show you how, with the use of a tool like Formtastic, you can modernise forms and documents in your organisation, to:

  • Provide better customer service, by offering electronic delivery of documents
  • Reduce or remove the cost of printing and postage
  • Take away the burden of reporting, from stretched IT departments
  • Increase the brand equity of your organisation
  • Remove poorly supported EOL tools (like AFP Utilities), in exchange for more efficient solutions.


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