With business systems undergoing near-constant change, application functionality has to keep up the pace. Businesses have to adapt to advances in technology – or risk falling behind the competition. Managing that change though can present quite the challenge.

“Just as changes in your business require effective change management, so do changes in the key applications that your business relies on.”

Changes in business have a knock-on impact on application lifecycle management:

  • Corporate-level change (either a market or business change; or a request from a customer)
  • Change in business strategy and business operations
  • Change in the process
  • Change in a business rule
  • Need for change in an application
  • Change in code
  • Change in an application
  • Interaction of change with other applications
  • Need for tooling that will manage all interactions and complex environment
  • Need for a documentation change
  • Reporting to auditors/storing company know-how
  • Secure, well-managed and documented software/business change process
  • Well-functioning and profitable organisation, ready for new market changes and quickly adapting to customer needs.

In order to fulfil business requirements, as well as meeting the needs of the customer, the software has to be in an almost constant state of flux.

Software change can present a significant challenge in today’s complex IT environments, where programs and applications work together, with multiple tiers relying on one another in intricate, interdependent systems.

IT departments must account for and accommodate every interaction within their software ecosystem, or risk causing havoc with seemingly small changes.

How to align IT with business changes – faster

Download this whitepaper from our partners Remain Software to learn what IT managers and executives need to know about IBM i / AS400 / iSeries change management.

It examines the challenges that change management can present to businesses, and presents a solution to that challenge.



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