Do you need to improve mobile productivity in your supply chain operations?

Maybe you’re having problems with data collection device lockups, would like together more operational data, or want to migrate your applications to smart devices.

What if you had a cross-platform technology that not only increased productivity, but also eliminated data collection application interruptions, streamlined employee training, and gave management key operational data and analytics to drive business improvement.

Enter: StayLinked

StayLinked’s proven terminal emulation and session management technology is driving migration from legacy, green screen terminal emulation to the speed, reliability and security of StayLinked.

With technology that has been widely adopted across the warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, logistics and retail industries, StayLinked eliminates the number one productivity killer in data collection: dropped terminal emulation sessions.

With centralised session and configuration management, up to 488-bit encryption, and compatibility across device manufacturers, operating systems and warehouse management systems, StayLinked is driving a revolution in terminal emulation.

With over 20 years of experience in enterprise application technology, StayLinked serves customers throughout the world, and the team has earned the company a reputation for high-quality products that just work, and a standard of customer support that creates the highest level of customer loyalty.

How can StayLinked help improve data collection in your supply chain?