Learn how manufacturers are using IQMS’ ERP software to streamline processes & data collection

In an increasingly global marketplace, manufacturers are always looking for ways to stay lean, increase agility and maintain competitiveness.

In this video, four companies using IQMS EnterpriseIQ ERP software explain how they:

  • Convert data to decision making tools on the plant floor
  • Better manage inventory
  • Improve efficiency to run a leaner organisation
  • Improve accuracy in making complex batch mixes.

Companies included in the video are Mar-Bal, Tessy Plastics, Playcraft Systems & AMA Plastics.

Marvin Benjamin at Mar-Bal said when asked how has IQMS helped the specialist plastics injection moulding and glass insulators manufacturer produce complex raw materials for use in your manufacturing processes:

“We’re making our own compound here, and we use our bill of materials in IQMS to help us make that mix. We have multiple ingredients, they’re very complex, so we’re able to ratio everything out within our system, for our master batch, to develop a large batch of material. Before, it was a very manual process. IQMS has really helped us in our mixing it, to be more accurate in our making of our compound.”