DELMIAWORKS customer testimonial: Global Interconnect

Based in Massachusetts, USA Global Interconnect is a manufacturer of custom cables and connectors for OEMs in the medical devices and industrial markets. Watch this video to find out how the company has been able to solve the complex problem of their actual manufacturing facility is based 8,000 miles away in China.

DELMIAWORKS’ manufacturing ERP software (formerly IQMS) has delivered complete supply chain visibility to the business enabling Global Interconnect to manage their processes, inventory and costs more efficiently.

“There were individuals and there were departments that were probably at 95, close to 100% capacity. Six months after we installed DELMIAWORKS, that capacity went down to 30 to 50%. It was really, really exciting and what that allowed us to do is just become so much more efficient. Instead of having to go out and hire additional people, we were able to quadruple our business at the same time with only essentially adding 10% more in terms of what we’re having at head count.”

Stephen Bates, President and CEO

DELMIAWORKS has enabled Global Interconnect to:

  • Quadruple their business while at the same time only add 10% to the additional overhead
  • Reduce capacity from 95-100% to 30-50% by more efficient resource utilisation
  • “Buy better and smarter” to gain a lower cost advantage over the competition
  • Gain complete visibility of their supply chain performance from anywhere on the globe
  • Quickly and easily access financial and profitability reports
  • Significantly change their business with Bill of Materials that allowed them to manage multiple version of an assembly.