A manufacturing software webinar hosted by Proximity’s Tom Grigg & Nick Jackson

Recognised as one of the world’s leading plastics ERP and real-time production monitoring software providers, IQMS (renamed DELMIAWORKS) provides a unique single-source manufacturing software application.

Earlier in 2019, IQMS was acquired by Dassault Systemes. 

IQMS has been incorporated into Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which helps mid-market manufacturing companies transform their business operations digitally. Manufacturing companies will be particularly familiar with SOLIDWORKS. 

Soon to be rebranded as DELMIAWORKS, IQMS provides manufacturers with:

  • Sector-specific ERP software – the traditional, back-office functions of a business (finance, customer service, admin, HR, sales, etc.) are all included in the product and optimised for manufacturing
  • Real-time production monitoring & shop floor control delivered through IQMS’ manufacturing execution system (MES) is all about effective control on the production process. You can see some MES functionality demonstrated in this webinar
  • Quality Management System (QMS) – quality is another big part of the system – and vitally important for plastics manufacturers in a highly competitive sector. IQMS has a lot of features to support that, particularly for any industry or manufacturing environment where compliance or certification is critical (for example medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, etc.)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) – In manufacturing, the supply chain is crucial. IQMS’ purchasing, EDI and warehouse management features are all optimised for the manufacturing environment.

This webinar, for plastics manufacturers, is presented by:

  • Nick Jackson, Client Director at Proximity, who provides an overview of Proximity & of IQMS / DELMIAWORKS
  • Tom Grigg, Solutions Architect at Proximity, who guides us through IQMS / DELMIAWORKS itself and looks at specific scenarios within the plastics manufacturing sector



Although this particular webinar focuses on plastics manufacturing, IQMS / DELMIAWORKS works with numerous discrete and process manufacturing sectors, including aerospace & defence, assembly, automotive, pharma & medical, packaging, and stamping & metals.

Almost three-quarters (74%) of the IQMS / DELMIAWORKS customer base are doing some kind of plastics processing, which illustrates the value that the IQMS / DELMIAWORKS software suite can create for plastics manufacturers and processors:

  • Cavitations (auto capacity balancing) – Account for specific cavitation within each item, in a single BOM (bill of materials)
  • Runner & sprue (scrap/regrind tracking) – Track runner/sprue options for material consumption
  • Regrind (scrap/regrind tracking) – Track regrind options for material consumption
  • Multi-process BOM (multi-level, process-specific BOMs) – Unlimited BOMs reflect critical inter dependencies for accurate scheduling
  • Recipes & blends (recipe & blend management) – Support ‘pre-operations’, such as blending or pre-processing
  • UOM conversion (flexible units of measure) – Supports flexible units of measure with automatic conversions
  • Tool/DIE management (project management) – Track capital & tooling projects together in a concise way
  • Parison/flash tracking (scrap/regrind tracking) – Track parison/flash options for material  consumption.

Watch the full webinar to get an in-depth overview & walk-through of how those features can help solve the challenges faced by plastics manufacturers today.