Gaining a competitive advantage in manufacturing with IQMS EnterpriseIQ

There are obstacles to operating at peak efficiency and exceeding customer expectations.

Things like poor visibility, data silos, strict compliance requirements and relying on legacy systems that struggles to scale, serve and support customers today.

Leave the old ways behind and automate with IQMS.

We know money is made on the shop floor, which is why IQMS is shopfloor first. It starts with the click of a button.

When a sales order is submitted, IQMS checks every requirement necessary to fill the order. Using the Bill of Material, the system knows how long it will take to fulfil the order, and the resources needed.

IQMS’ scheduling system plans production and makes sure delivery occurs on-time.

Raw materials are scanned and the system adjusts inventory levels accordingly, as they’re consumed. Our MES collects data in real-time, during the manufacturing process, helping the best match cost and providing insights to management for future improvements. This allows for proactive adjustments to address production and quality inefficiencies.

Finished goods are then scanned into inventory locations. IQMS allows users to maintain quality standards, ensuring compliance to strict industry regulatory requirements.

The system creates all necessary shipping documents. Pickups are scheduled and orders go out on schedule. Finally, the system invoices the customer for the order.

The IQMS accounting tools also increase financial visibility, even down to the individual item being produced.

IQMS is an end-to-end solution. One complete cohesive platform to run an entire manufacturing operation. Companies can also choose to integrate our MES with their existing ERP. Choice is the new Cloud here at IQMS. We have various deployment options to best suit every manufacturer.

Improve quality increase efficiency, lower production costs, achieve on-time delivery and scale growth.

Stand tall against the competition. Gain a competitive advantage with IQMS (now DELMIAWORKS) ERP software and integrated MES systems.