DELMIAWORKS customer testimonial: Create-A-Pack Foods

Create-A-Pack Foods do contract manufacturing for the food industry.

They have three plants to manufacture and package wet food, dry food and food containing allergens.

As a contract manufacturer, they may only replicate replicating the food stuffs where customers bring their own packaging and raw materials, to manufacturing 100% of the product, where Create-A-Pack Foods buy all the packaging & raw materials and do the formulation themselves.

With DELMIAWORKS (which used to be called IQMS), Create-A-Pack Foods has seen a number of improvements across their contract manufacturing operation:

  • Testing & duplication: DELMIAWORKS’ scalability allows Create-A-Pack Foods to start out manufacturing products in a test environment, and, after the customer has signed off, begin production on a much larger scale.

“The great thing about, in our environment, with DELMIAWORKS is the cloning option. We start in a test environment with test part numbers, and that allows us some flexibility in our quality programme, and then once we go through the testing, the customer signs off on that form of the packaging, we immediately will then clone the Bill of Materials, clone the items convert them over into a production environment, and then we’re making it the next day. It’s very fast and very efficient that way, and its been great in all processes.”

Kurt Krueger, Vendor Relations/Systems Manager

  • Special reports: Many of Create-A-Pack Foods’ customers require different, specific reports. These reports can include how many items are on-hand; when items were received; and lot-numbers for each item. DELMIAWORKS gives enough data to enable special reports to be created for each customer.

“A lot of our customers require special reports in the food co-packing business in particular… DELMIAWORKS has enough reports that I can easily print these and send them to the customer.”

Megan Von Wormer, Customer Relations Manager

  • Quality: Create-A-Pack Food relies on DELMIAWORKS for quality and traceability purposes. Goods are traced right through the system, from receiving packaging and raw ingredients, right through to shipping and distribution to the end customer. This is particularly essential in food handling, both for traceability purposes and for FDA, USDA and SQF licencing.

“Being able to trace everything that we receive by item and lot number, back to the manufacturer and then forward through production to the finished good. The speed that the system will pull this information has been outstanding”

Jeff Phillips, Director of Food Safety


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