Our partner Remain Software’s TD/OMS is a collaborative, multi-platform software change management tool.

As a market leader, MacSys is the biggest player in the clinical laboratory industry in Belgium.

“We would definitely recommend Remain to other companies”

Watch this video to discover how MacSys got change control under control with TD/OMS:


In this video CIO, Tom Dolan explains that, before he joined the company and before implementing TD/OMS, MacSys faced a number of challenges. There was no formal change management process in place, and no separate development and test environments.

This resulted in all development being done in production. Doing development work directly n the production environment is a risky business, with the very real possibility of bringing the whole system offline at any moment.

  • MacSys had issues with their IBM i applications because the way they went about change management just wasn’t acceptable to them. When changes are made in production, it’s impossible to guarantee that that environment will remain up and running.
  • They also had issues with the eight labs they served in different geographic locations. The lab accreditation process involves having certain IT requirements in place – including a formal change management process
  • The absence of a change management process also caused issues within the business, in terms of unplanned downtime. when changes are made directly in the production environment, they cannot be properly tested – and the whole system can be taken down by a simple bug in the code.

“We need to get change control under control”

MacSys quickly realised that they needed a code repository and they needed separate test, development and production environments. Market research led them to Remain Software as the vendor with the best cost / benefit offering for IBM i change management and control.

TD/OMS met all of MacSys’ requirements and expectations, offering all the functionality they needed at a cost-effective price-point.