Maxava Monitor Mi8 is an intelligent and modern monitoring solution, that takes into account the needs of high-availability customers all across the world. Maxava has an acute awareness of the importance of system availability, with a background in high availability and disaster recovery.

Monitoring systems play a critical part in avoiding issues. But unavailability can take multiple forms, from a disaster or element failure that can bring down a whole system, to straightforward issues like an application user being unable to perform their role because of a job backlog or an unanswered error message.

Mi8 solves that last challenge – warning organisations of a problem before it requires escalation, by getting an appropriate notification to the right person at the right time enabling organisations to make the most of the limited resources available to them, with an efficient system, improved decision-making and secure automation processes.

Watch this video for a walkthrough of Maxava’s Mi8 Monitor:

Why you need an intelligent monitoring system

  • Monitoring is more than a technical exercise – it has benefits for the bottom line, too
  • For total continuity within the business, monitoring is a necessity
  • Monitoring can offer better experience and productivity for end-users
  • It  enables greater capacity for innovation
  • Decision-making is improved, as better information is available via monitoring
  • IT specialists can make fast and more-informed responses.

Maximise systems availability with Maxava Mi8

  • Get total visibility in a single screen
  • Real-time notifications mean you can quickly resolve problems
  • Issues are highlighted before they have an impact on the business
  • Anywhere, anytime access via a secure, web-based interface means you can get the right information to the right people as soon as they need it
  • Improve visibility of the facts, to enable better decision-making
  • Handle known issues consistently and without delay, thanks to Maxava’s automation.