We’re obviously biased, but the IBM i is a fantastic transactional platform, one which is inherently reliable and secure.

Right from the very first days of System/38, through various iterations and name changes (System/36, AS400, iSeries and System i), the IBM i has been designed with a built-in database to enhance the transactional prowess of any application that ‘sits’ on it.

Launched back in 1988, the AS400 has always been about creating, number crunching and processing data, in a reliable and secure fashion.

Somewhat of a black box, being able to communicate and integrate and interact with other systems wasn’t really part of its original remit.

Whoever thought that applications would be required to ‘communicate’ with each other?

But that’s very much the remit these days.

And there lies the problem.

Enterprises running applications on IBM i can sometimes struggle with integration. The very benefits that IBM i delivers in terms of security and reliability can make it difficult to get data in and out of it.

Let alone automate those processes.


Thinking outside the (black) box

If you’re looking for ways to bring data into your IBM i enterprise or take data out, then tools designed and developed by Utilities 400 might provide just the answer.

These tools give you the ability to push data out of your IBM i, pull data in, and automate the process.

More importantly, though, they do all that without removing any of the security capabilities inherent in your IBM i.


This webinar aired on Thursday 10 February at 2 pm GMT explaining how developers and IT professionals can use the Utilities 400 to help them to expand the capabilities of their IBM i applications. Catch the full webinar above with your host, Andy Nicholson, from Proximity.

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What you’ll learn

Each Utilities 400 product has been built with multimodal operations, offering feature-rich answers to perennial problems of IBM i data integration and automation.

In this webinar, Andy is going to introduce four solutions from their integration and automation suite, which together allow you to access or leverage your data in a meaningful manner.

RouteOne enables you to extract meaningful information from the IBM i, transform it to a format of choice and distribute it by multiple ways.

iRoute is the mirror of RouteOne. It captures information from a mix of databases and file types and parses this information within your database enterprise system, with full validation.


iKeyer allows you to automate data entry via a 52/50 green screen session using a virtual terminal.

ProActive is a rules-based workflow automation solution that utilises native IBM i triggers.


About the Presenter (and Proximity)

As Proximity’s General Sales Manager, Andy Nicholson is a trusted advisor, supporting businesses to become more productive and profitable with enterprise IBM i software and services.

For over a decade, Proximity has worked with organisations across the UK, Europe and further afield to design, develop, manage, support and maintain innovative and scalable business-critical IBM i applications with our team of 40-plus UK-based IBM i specialists.

Proximity is a trusted reseller of Utilities 400 products within the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Utilities 400 has been servicing the IBM i market for over 20 years. In this time they’ve grown from their HQ in Bolton, Lancashire, to add offices in the USA and Australia, and are the largest independent software vendors dedicated to developing robust solutions for IBM i based in the UK.

As a result, RouteOne, ProActive, iRoute and iKeyer are designed by people who really understand the problems faced by the modern IBM i Enterprise.