A framework to ensure your operations produce the best possible business results by balancing demand & supply

Plan for profit by tying together your strategic business plan with your operational plan with Infor Sales and Operations Planning (Infor S&OP). Real-time information on demand, supply and finances drives supply chain efficiency and business profitability. Speed up decision and measure the impact of your decisions immediately.

“S&OP will provide automated workflows to help Ferrari guarantee the flow of information across demand (from approximately 200 dealers) and supply (into production). The improved accuracy of data, standardised planning and information flow processes and enhanced functionality of S&OP will enable comprehensive tracking of any changes in dealer demand and the subsequent changes to the Ferrari production plan, as well as help improve governance, the approval process and compliance. As a result, this will enable Ferrari to respond quickly to changes and meet customer demand, due to the intelligent business support provided by S&OP.”


Infor Sales and Operations Planning empowers your organisation’s decision makers to arrive at a single, unified operational plan that profitably matches supply with demand and aligning the plan with the organisations business strategy.

Producing the very best business results are achieved by providing a holistic framework to balance customer demand with supply through key financial measures and numerous ‘what if’ scenarios on both sides of the equation. Infor Sales and Operations Planning software mean you can develop the best plan to meet customer service and financial targets while being agile enough to respond to fluctuating market demand.

Designed specifically for distributors and manufacturers, Infor Sales and Operations Planning works with your ERP and supply chain planning software bringing visibility, insight and clarity into all aspects of your actual demand, inventory, production and supplier plans.

“I don’t trust any information that is two hours old. We need real-time information in one platform to make a good business decisions, and Infor provides that ability.”

Vice President of Business Operations, Preferred Sands

Why Infor S&OP?

  • Balance demand and supply across your entire enterprise
  • Run a host of ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Effectively and efficiently supports your S&OP processes
  • Import data from multiple sources as a common information system for ‘deep analysis
  • Synchronise monetary forecasts and unit forecasts for better decision making
  • Single platform for forecasting across all functional areas
  • Measure key performance indicators continuously
  • Integrates with any ERP solution.

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