Purpose-built asset management software for your enterprise

Proximity is an accredited Partner in the UK and Ireland for the market leading enterprise asset management solution, Infor EAM.

Having the ability to manage the performance of business assets and resources across multiple business units, locations and facilities can significantly improve utilisation, reduce capital and operating costs and increase your return on investment.

Infor EAM enables organisations to:

  • Track and monitor the condition and performance of their assets
  • Analyse data to highlight trends
  • Forecast performance shortfalls
  • Anticipate and mitigate potential safety and regulatory compliance issues
  • Maximise returns from warranties
  • Make better strategic business decisions to drive efficiency and growth.

With over 20 years’ experience in enterprise asset management, Infor has developed a number of preconfigured EAM templates that meet the specific requirements of a range of different industries, including:

  • Predictive and preventative maintenance of production machinery in process manufacturing
  • Emissions compliance and energy demand management in paper manufacturing
  • Asset management in energy, oil and gas production
  • Management, tracking, reporting and repair of all physical assets that effect the guest experience in hospitality
  • Development and maintenance of competitive edge through effective fleet management in logistics and supply chain.

Infor EAM puts the power of asset management in your hands with predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition-based maintenance (CBM) as standard, plus intelligent operations and asset sustainability capabilities.
Infor EAM comes with functionality to manage:

  • Asset hierarchy: create a ‘family tree’ network to connect machinery, systems and physical locations so you can monitor exactly where your assets are located and what they are costing.
  • Budgets: automate the process of monitoring what your initial capital assets costs are and the ongoing costs to maintain them.
  • Inspections: when a routine inspection exceeds a pre-set limit, get immediate notification of the problem and how to fix it.
  • Purchasing and procurement: streamline the procurement process by making sure the right parts are always ordered for the right asset while keeping up-to-date with delivery times, vendor payments and final receipt of goods.
  • Work schedules: track and manage the planning, scheduling and resourcing of asset work requests.
  • Materials: monitor and manage the inventory in your organisation with tools that give you economic order quantity with class calculations and assignments, support parts receipts, issues, returns, and cycle counts.

With tens of thousands of applications running across the world, Infor EAM enterprise customers typically report the following benefits to their business:

  • 20% improvement in staff productivity
  • 30% reduction in inventory levels
  • 20% reduction in inventory carrying costs
  • 5% reduction in new equipment costs
  • 10% increase in fleet availability
  • 50% increase in warranty cost recovery
  • 10% reduction in materials costs
  • 50% reduction in purchasing process costs.

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