Achieve lean manufacturing processes and increase your profitability with DELMIA | Works Manufacturing ERP for the Plastics Manufacturing Industry.

With decades of industry experience behind its powerful plastics ERP software solution, DELMIA | Works understands the unique challenges plastics manufacturers must manage to try keep manufacturing processes lean and increase their profitability.

That’s why DELMIA | Works offers an incredibly powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and manufacturing solution for businesses operating within the plastics industry.

From injection moulding and extrusion to compounding and thermoforming, DELMIA | Works’ industry-specific ERP software helps you manage these challenges to ensure on-time delivery, order accuracy, quality and pricing.

DELMIA | Works Manufacturing ERP can help you manage:

  • Family tools
  • Multi-level and multi-process BOMs
  • Multiple UOM conversions
  • Regrind usage and consumption
  • Recipes and blends
  • Cavitation
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Key Features:

Lean Processes and Greater Profitability

DELMIA | Works supports plastics manufacturing companies manage their operation and better understand and improve their processes to achieve a more lean manufacturing process and greater profitability.

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Benefits of DELMIA | Works Plastics Manufacturing ERP Solution

RealTime™ Production Monitoring System

Automatically track data directly from work centers and update production schedules and inventory instantaneously.

Multi-Level Bills of Material (BOM)

Pre-defined for use with tool and die-based plastics manufacturing, DELMIA | Works’ multi-level BOMs reflect critical interdependencies.

Drag-and-Drop Graphical Scheduling Tool

Instantly ensure optimal resource planning throughout the supply chain by viewing the entire production schedule and variables that affect capacity.

Multi-Tool & Family Tool Functionality

Family tools are easily handled and the system is designed to understand multiple part numbers within the same physical tool.

Regrind Usage & Consumption Features

Add and consume raw materials that are not a part of the master inventory. Functionality includes tracking scrap rates, regrind usage, parison/flash and runner/sprue options for material consumption.

Industry Specific Bills of Material (BOM)

Pre-defined BOMs meet the unique needs of injection molders, blow molders, extruders, compounders and thermoformers plus die casting, stamping, and more.

Shelf Life Management

Take a proactive role in tracking and moving inventory with characteristics that limit shelf life, such as moisture content, potency, pH, and colour. Once the shelf life has expired, the inventory is automatically identified as non-conforming and electronic alerts are sent out.


Learn why some of the most profitable and well run plastics processing plants use DELMIA | Works.



Why choose DELMIA | Works?

Built by manufacturers, for manufacturers

This is not a system that has been built and then configured to work for the manufacturing industry. It’s been built from the ground up, by manufacturers, for manufacturers, so it understands the entire manufacturing process and what information you’ll require at every stage. 

All your processes and data held in a single platform

From Bills of Materials (BOMs), raw material requirements and purchasing, right through to sales and finance. All your data is held in a single system, making everything and everyone accountable at every stage of your business processes. 


Live dashboards with real-time analytics information

Having all your processes and data held in a single system gives you the ability to set up live dashboards, showing you information in real-time. Dashboards make it incredibly easy to digest large quantities of data, quickly. Whether you need to know information about a job from three weeks ago, last year, or even one that’s happening right now, the data is available right at your fingertips. 

Objective data to inform your business decisions

DELMIAWORKS gives you the ability to drill down into your manufacturing processes, giving you visibility of any stages which may be more or less profitable than others. This gives you a wealth of data making it very easy when it comes to making informed decisions for your business.


Why choose Proximity?

Manufacturing Specialists Implementing Manufacturing ERP Software

When you choose Proximity to implement DELMIA | Works for your business, you’re not only getting a team of experts in configuring ERP systems for the manufacturing industry. You’re getting a team of manufacturing specialists who know the ins and outs of manufacturing processes and workflows, who understand the niches in which DELMIA | Works works best and who have a wealth of experience in implementing ERP systems for many different manufacturing businesses. 

Over 570 years’ collective experience

We know it’s a bit cliche as every business loves to boast the years of experience that their team has, but when the numbers are this great it would be silly not to. Our consultants have a collective experience of 575 years across manufacturing and ERP software solutions.

This gives us a wealth of knowledge across a range of industries and how to best implement and support manufacturing processes using software and ERP systems.

Key features of DELMIA | Works for the plastics manufacturing industry:

  • Real-time Production Monitoring
  • Multi level Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Industry-specific Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Quality Management
  • Shipping and Distribution Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Production Control
  • Capacity Planning
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Estimating and Quoting

Gain your advantage with DELMIA | Works

Thousands of plastics manufacturers around the globe are turning to DELMIA | Works Manufacturing ERP to achieve greater profitability from their plastics manufacturing operation.

Trend Technologies

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Holmgrens Plast AB

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Plastics Components Inc.

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Nissen Chemitec

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